Take Care of Your Eyes, Wear Blue Light Glasses

If you have felt your eyes burn or dry and irritated after having a long day at work because of the long hours of facing the computer, then this article can help you in alleviating it. Blue light glasses can offer you benefits that will help you decide to buy a pair for yourself right away.

In buying a quality pair of blue light glasses online or at a store, it should have a good anti-glare and anti-reflection coating.

Things To Know About Blue Light Glasses

Most people think that glasses are only worn in order to correct a certain type of vision problem. However, this is not entirely correct because not all glasses are fit for all situations and the amount of exposure that your eyes get.

It should be noted that blue light glasses are different from the regular prescription glasses because blue light glasses are specifically made to help reduce the strain of your eyes that are associated with prolonged exposure of using the computer.

A person spends about 8 hours a day in front of the computer or other digital screens. This amount of time is in fact long enough to create vision-related problems, if you will take any type of precautionary measure. Although most of you may feel that your eyes are tired and irritated at the end of the day, there are only a few who tend to it and actually pays a visit to the optometrist.

The anti-reflective and anti-glare coat feature of the lens of the computer helps in the reduction in the glare that is bouncing off the screen and helps in blocking the UV radiation that is being emitted by the gadget.

Benefits When Buying Blue Light Glasses

Because of the high visual demands of computer work, this results in a condition known as computer vision syndrome or CVS. The computer vision syndrome is a temporary vision condition that happens from prolonged staring at a computer screen without wearing proper eye protection.

In determining if you are suffering from computer vision syndrome, you will be experiencing the common symptoms such as blurry vision, eye redness, dry eyes, headache, dizziness and watery eyes without any reason.

By wearing blue light glasses, the eye strain that is connected to extended computer use can be eliminated.

The following are the benefits of getting a good pair of blue light glasses:


With the light bouncing off the glass of your computer or digital screen, this creates a glaring obstacle to proper vision. The effect of this computer screen glare will increase the difference between the dark and lighter areas that are being displayed.  This usually causes our pupils to struggle to keep up the light by dilating continuously until ultimately your eyes are going to protest. This is where blue light glasses will come in handy because of its anti-glare coating feature.

Blue Light Glasses Benefit #2 – PROVIDE YOU WITH GOOD POSTURE

There are a number of times where we peer over our glasses because we have to hunch closer to the device in order to get a better view of the computer screens but the truth is, it is not really helping. Through blue light glasses, it will help you in getting a clearer vision from a normal distance so that it will ultimately reduce the need to strain on your back and neck. Thus, this will result in a reduction in the headaches that you get from straining your eyes way too much which is also brought about by bad posture.


Due to the exposure to the harmful blue-violet radiation that is being emitted by the computer screens, it may cause problems like eye strain, sleep cycle disruption and even includes macular degeneration in some cases.

Blue Light Glasses Benefit #4 – HELP IN GIVING BETTER EYE FOCUS

By using blue light glasses, this also helps in the correction of astigmatism which is a type of refractive error that causes you to have blurry vision. You should visit an optometrist in order for you to get the precise measurement for your lenses to ensure that the optical center of each lens will lay in front of your pupils when you will be using it.


One study revealed that employees who are working with computers, who have no visual complaints, often experience a reduction in productivity and accuracy. In order to help reduce the effects of CVS, it is recommended that you should invest in a pair of blue light glasses in order to ensure good eye health. Thus, with blue light glasses, symptoms that are associated with CVS will be reduced.

The Best Blue Light Glasses for 2019

No matter what your purpose may be, either for work or for personal use, most of us are still going to spend a lot of time staring at a computer screen or monitor. But, because of looking at computer screens including other gadgets like your smartphones for such extended periods of time it gives a negative effect on an individual’s eyes. The glare and the blue light that is being emitted from these displays will result in eye fatigue thereby disrupting sleep patterns.

The good thing is the problem can now be mitigated by using blue light glasses. This specially-made eyewear usually comes with tinted lenses that help in blocking the disruptive blue light. Furthermore, these glasses also help in blocking UV rays and minimizing the glare.

Below are the top picks for blue light glasses:

Overall best blue light glasses: Gunner Optiks Intercept

Gunnar Optiks is one of the leading companies when it comes to computer eyewear. They offer a wide range of protective glasses wherein the Intercept pair has garnered the top spot.

What makes Gunnar Intercept the best is because it comes with a wide format lens that offers a panoramic viewing experience. The lenses of this eyewear are hard coated and it comes with silicone protection against scratches and it also has an anti-reflective coating on both the front and the back surfaces.

They are being held in place with a rigid lens that mounts it to keep them from getting degraded over time. The Intercept is made from an engineering-grade injection polymer, and its multi-barrel hinges provide both long-lasting comfort and a precise fit. Furthermore, with this ability to block 100 percent of UV rays and up to 65 percent of Blue light, these glasses help in the reduction of eye strain thus helping you sleep better.

Runner-Up, overall best blue light glasses: Spektrum Prospek-50 Dynamic

The Prospek-50 Dynamic from Spektrum has the right blend of classic and practical features which makes it a runner-up as one of the best blue light glasses that are available in the market right now.

The lenses which are made with Spektrum’s patented and third-party tested technology have eight layers of protective coatings. Other features of the Prospek-50 Dynamic include a scratch-resistance coating, an anti-glare coating, an anti-fog coating that prevents fogging of the lenses during temperature changes, and a fingerprint-resistant coating that protects the lenses from smudges.

The frame of the glasses is stainless steel from polycarbonate that is both lightweight and durable. Their glasses also offer 100 percent protection from UVA and UVB rays and can also help block 50 percent of Blue light as well. The glasses also allow for the optimal viewing experience, providing no color distortion with only minimal yellow tinting.

Blue Light glasses that are best for your budget: Gamma Ray FlexLite

The frame of FlexLite is made from ultra-lightweight TR90 Nylon material that is both flexible and durable for long-term wear. Their lenses have Amber-tinted lenses that block blue light and UV400 light thereby helping in the reduction of fatigue that is being caused due to the extended use of computers.

The frame of the glasses comes with flexible temple arms thus making sure that fits properly without having to add any heft. FlexLite has a ‘One Size Fits Most’ design because of the 53-mm lens width and 16-mm nose bridge.

Blue Light glasses that are best for Gamers: Gunnar Razer FPS

We all know that modern-day video games are works of art as it features immersive graphics and also amazing cutscenes. Thus, in order for you to fully enjoy them, you will need to use eyewear that can at the same time give justice to their stunning visuals. And that is why Gunnar Razer FPS was created.

These gaming eye wears are designed by Razer which is one of the most well-known manufacturers of gaming hardware and accessories. The eyewear is lightweight and comfortable, and the glasses have adjustable silicone nose pads to provide you with a customizable fit.

It also has a soft thermoplastic rubber tipped temples that are flexible enough to fit a wide range of head and face shapes. The frame is also made out of stainless steel. The amber-tinted lenses also help in alleviating eye strain thereby improving visual acuity while gaming. It also has an anti-reflective coating, has the wide format lenses filtering out blue light and blocking 100 percent of UV light.

Blue Light glasses that are the best Fit-Over: Swanwick Sleep

If you have been wearing prescription glasses, and you want to have a pair of computer glasses, it might become cumbersome in juggling to use both. Good thing there is Swanwick Sleep, now you will no longer have this problem.

The Swanwick Sleep is stylish and easy to use that are fit-over glasses that you can go wear over your existing pair or reading glasses. They also come with an Acetate frame that not only has hypoallergenic properties but it is also flexible enough for it to be shaped to your face for a custom fit. Swanwick Sleep’s frame springs hinges will provide you with flexibility without having to compromise durability. The Swanwick Sleep’s CR-39 lens has already enhanced clarity and lightweight at the same time. The orange tint will see to it the most of the blue light is being filtered out.

Blue Light glasses that are the best Wrap-Around: Uvex Skyper

It is important you have the proper fit when you buy eyewear and this is because even the best glasses are useless if it keeps falling off your face. But with Uvex Skyer, it has a wrap-around design thereby offering a great fit.

The snug fit of this pair of glasses has been achieved through a wrap-around uni-lens that also comes with integrated side shields that offer exceptional visual clarity. With its orange-tinted lens, this absorbs blue light that is being emitted by computer screens thereby helping in the reduction of eye strain.

The glasses also come with a three-position ratcheting lens inclination system that will let you adjust them for an optical viewing experience at different heights and positions. It is also very comfortable to wear because it has a molded-in nose bridge and patented with adjustable-length cushioned temples.

Blue Light glasses that are the bestClip-On: Gameking Ultra

Although Gameking Ultra may look quirky, clip-on glasses are actually quite useful. And since it doesn’t have temples, it can easily be attached to the other eyewear. So if you are looking for a pair of good clip-on glasses, you can check out Gameking Ultra.

With Gameking Ultra, this works effortlessly with all sorts of prescription glasses which include rimless ones. With its silicone feet covers, this not only protects the lenses from scratches but this also increases the friction that prevents them from falling off.

Gameking’s amber-tinted polycarbonate lenses have this anti-reflective coating and also helps in eliminating the glares, thereby improving visual acuity. Apart from that, there are also multiple coating layers that help in protecting the lenses from fog, oils, scratches and other types of abrasions. This also comes with a premium, durable alloy clip head, and it has been drop tested for its resistance for impact and safety.