7 Best Online Gel Blasters

Toy guns have always been popular presents, but not there’s a new style of toy gun hitting the market. Gel Ball Blasters have been on the rise for the last five years. Do you remember nerf guns? Well, this toy gun, which is also often referred to as a “gel ball gun,” “gel soft” or “GBB,” is similar to a plastic Nerf or airsoft gun. Instead of shooting a foam bullet like a Nerf gun would, this toy gun fires small water balls. Just like in the famous “A Christmas Story” movie, you should be careful to not shoot your eye out! Pick up some shooting glasses to be safe. Below are the top gel blasters that are taking the market by storm.

  1. M4A1 V9

This online gel blaster is on the expensive side, but it is well worth the investment. Sold for approximately $200 to $299 depending on the retailer, this toy gun includes the following upgrades: 1.3 spring, 11.1V battery, an upgraded balance charger and an updated o-ring. This is the latest M4 release and has been noted to having the best out of the box performance. Additionally, the gears are made from Nylon. In fact, the shell is made out of Nylon! Its other features include but are not limited to: safety switch, extendable butt stock, removable accessories and more. It comes with safety glasses, a muzzle, a charging cable and a gel ball magazine. Its ammo size is 7-8 mm and has the firing power of 250 FPS.

  1. SAW M249 V3

This is a popular rifle gel ball blaster, which costs approximately between $175- $200. This toy gun is trigger happy, featuring a massive magazine that holds 800 to 1,000 gel balls. Its features include: high capacity magazine, removable accessories, extendable butt stock and a safety switch. It also comes with a 7.4 Li-on rechargeable battery, a USB charging cable, a fore grip, a shoulder strap, safety glasses, a torch and laser and more. Its firing range is 25 metres with 7.8mm of ammo.


The gas blowback gel blaster is a fan favorite. Even though it can be a bit pricey at approximately $300, this toy pistol’s features include: magazine fed, no battery, gas-powered, gas canister, etc. It has a Kublai v3 Glock, a gas canister, a gel ball magazine, a gel ball starter pack and safety glasses. Its firing power is 220 FPS with a firing range of over 20 metres. It has a standard ammo size of 7.8mm.


This toy pistol is more affordable than most of its counterparts. Ranging from $65 to $49, this gel ball blaster is available online at several retailers. Its features include: top ammo feed and rail to add on accessories. Instead of nylon, its material is ABS. It includes a P226 Hopper Fed Gel Ball Blaster, a 6v Li-on Rechargeable Battery, a starter pack, charging cable, a safety pack and a mixing bottle. Its fire power isn’t as strong as other gel ball blaster pistols but is still potent and strong. It shoots at 100-130 FPS with a range of 15+ metres.


This toy rifle was one of the most anticipated gel blasters of 2019. Its flawless design makes it worth every penny. It is currently priced between $219 and $250. Its features include: a charging handle and blowback, removable accessories, a safety switch, a high capacity magazine and more. Additionally, it comes with a AKM 47 gel ball gun, safety glasses, a front iron sight, a charging cable, a 7.4. 4v Li-on rechargeable battery and more. Its firing power is 250 FPS and has a range of 25+ metres.


This SMG toy gun with a 7-8mm ammo is priced between $199 and $250 and is considered a favorite gel ball blaster. Its features include: a foldable butt stock, high capacity magazine, nylon shell material, magazine fed, removable accessories, safety switch, etc. This toy gun includes a Kriss VEctor V2 gel ball blaster, gel ball magazine, nylon silencer and connectors, a removable scope/laser, a tactical grip, a flashlight, a front sight, a USB charging cable, safety glasses, a gel ball starter pack, a mixing bottle, a muzzle and 7.4v Li-on Rechargeable Battery. Its firing power is 250 FPS with a firing range of 25+ metres.


This realistic-looking pistol gel ball blaster is popular on the market at $95 to $110. Its features include a full nylon shell, magazine fed, full auto, top rail, ABS material and black nylon trigger. It includes a desert eagle V2 gel ball blaster (with a black trigger), safety glasses, a 7.4.V Li-on Rechargeable battery, a USB charging cable and a starter pack. Its firing power is set at 150 FPS and its range is 20+ metres.

The best way to describe the experience of playing with a Gel Ball Blaster is paintball meets airsoft. It’s fun and adrenaline-pumping, but it also light-hearted too. The harmless ammo are non-toxic and are developed after soaking in water for almost four hours. As players shoot these squishy gel balls as ammo, they hold onto their form and only explode once they hit their target. This sport is an awesome alternative for anyone looking for safe but competitive activity to engage in with friends.