5 Ideal Themed Parties for a Bachelor

If you have the honor of being a best man, part of your duties is to gather the groomsmen and plan a bachelor party no one will forget (or remember). Afterall, he’ll (hopefully) only be getting married once, so make it count. Of course, you can always opt for a pizza, beer, and a trip to a gentlemen’s club, but to really wow the groom, choose from the following themes. Everyone will have a great time and he’ll be certain he made the right decision asking you to stand next to him on the most important day of his life.

Hawaiian Luau

If you can’t make it to Hawaii, bring Hawaii to you! Orientaltrading.com is an excellent source for luau décor from tikis to white powdery sand beach backdrops and colorful garlands to palm tree leaves. The best part is all the decorations are very affordable, so if you go overboard, it won’t cost you a huge chunk of change. Be sure to download some ukulele music and serve up traditional Hawaiian fare. This could include Ham with Pineapple Glaze, Meat and Veggie Skewers, Kim Chee, Island Style Macaroni Salad, and Poke. For beverages, mix up some Mai Thais and Pina Coladas. Throw on some leis and have a professional hula dancer come over as entertainment. If you can’t find one, ask a female friend to learn and come over to teach guys how to hula. End the evening with a bonfire.

Casino Night

If Vegas is too far to travel or a weekend in Sin City is out of your budget, host a Casino Night. To make this theme a cinch to pull off, contact The Real Deal Fun Casino Casino Party Hire to rent authentic poker, craps, and Blackjack tables. The groom will be so impressed by the attention to detail and love gambling the night away. Remember to stay hydrated with whiskey, scotch, or bourbon (beer will work, too) and buy some cigars. For food, offer hors d’oeuvres like Shrimp Cocktail, Lobster Cheese Puffs, Mini Meatballs, Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms, and Cheesy Bacon Bites before the main course of Prime Rib, Mini Baked Potatoes, and Domino Brownies. Feeling lucky?

Exotic Entertainment

When we say exotic, we don’t mean dancers. We just mean things you can’t find near your home. Decorate, for example, in rich blues, oranges, and golds for a nod to Morocco. Play Indian music and serve up an assortment of ethnic dishes like Pad Thai (for Thailand), stuffed crepes (for France), and Fish and Chips (for Great Britain). Beverages can be imported bottles of liquor or beer or you can mix up a non-alcoholic punch. Decorate your space with different flags and a “congratulations” banner. For entertainment, hire a belly dancer and prepare to be mesmerized.

Miniature Golf

This is for the goofy groom who wants a low-key, fun event. Even if he isn’t a golfer, this is still a great idea. Choose an interesting miniature golf course and have the guys dress up. We don’t mean in their Sunday best – dress up in their best golfing get-up – the more ridiculous the better. (We’re talking checkered knickers, neon polo shorts, and Gatsby, or newsboys, hats – hats with the fuzzy pom pom at the top.) Better yet, purchase the hats for $6.19 each at Orientaltrading.com for everyone. Offer prizes for the best outfit and best score. Then, go to a steakhouse for dinner, and end the night with drinks at the groom’s favorite bar.

Cheers and Beers

This is a simple, budget-friendly party that can be hosted at home. Purchase decorations in gold (beer mug candle centerpieces) and a “congratulations” banner. Have a simple buffet-style meal consisting of chicken, pasta, salads, casseroles, or just pizza and chips. For dessert, get a cake or cupcakes. Sit around a bonfire, go to a bar, smoke a cigar, splurge on a sexy entertainer, or play video games – whatever he’s into. This is his night after all. Make it about him!

With the above ideas, we take the guesswork out of hosting a party. Simply choose one, make a few phone calls or purchases, and start planning the details and booking entertainment. Soon, he’ll be having the perfect bachelor party and you’ll be the hero of the day.