Try These High Protein Foods for Building Muscles

The one struggling with muscle building knows that exercise alone cannot make you achieve your goal. Food is equally important as what you do at the gym. High protein foods boost the effectiveness of the gym training. Fitness experts recommend having a muscle building diet plan. You can have the model body with Fitness Muscle Meals that contain plenty of protein plus all the nutrients in a balanced way. You need to make a plan that is easy to follow. There is no need to panic if you miss a meal. High protein foods are there to help you. You can carry on with them along with regular exercises and you will see the results. Here are 7 super protein foods you should have.

  1.     Eggs

It is the source of high protein. Eggs also contain vitamin B, amino acids and choline. All of its nutrients are very important and helpful in muscle gain. It not only supports workout but also helps the processes in the body. Eggs produce energy in the body for the gym workout and muscle building.

  1.     Greek Yogurt

It is the underestimated food that has amazing quality of protein including fast-digesting and slow-digesting protein. Researches have proved that people experienced lean mass increase with this kind of mixture of fast and slow digesting protein. This protein is found in dairy products but not all of them have an equal amount. Greek yogurt has double the protein than plain or regular yogurt.  You can take it snack or when you feel hungry. It is good to take it after gym or before bed for more effectiveness.

  1.     Chicken Breast

Chicken breast contains good amount of protein and includes 26g of high-quality protein in just 3-ounces serving quantity. It also has vitamin B and B6 that keeps a person active and energetic. It helps body functions and supports physical activity required for muscle gain. It is also supported that high protein chicken helps in losing fat.

  1.     Salmon

It is not only a muscle building food but also a healthy food choice. 3-ounces of salmon has 17g of protein along with 2g omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin B. It is an important food for muscular health and helps gaining muscles with exercise.

  1.     Lean Beef

It is well known that beef has much protein. It is the food packed with quality protein, vitamin B, minerals and creatine. Taking lean beef helps in building muscles. It is suitable for all having gym training routine. It is recommended to choose the form of beef that is low in calories as you are already working to reduce fat. 3-ounces of 70% ground lean beef has 228 calories and 15g fat while 95% ground lean beef has 145 calories and 5g fat.

  1.     Soybeans

You can have half a cup of cooked soybeans that gives you 14g protein, healthy fat and vitamins and minerals. Soybeans also contains iron, vitamin K and phosphorous. Iron in soybeans helps storing and transporting oxygen in muscles and blood.

  1.     Cottage Cheese

One cup of cottage cheese provides you 28g protein and a rich amount of amino acids and leucine. It is healthy like other dairy products. Choose low calorie version of cottage cheese as creamed form has more calories. It is a great snack for the muscle gaining routine.