12 Romantic Places in New York State for Honeymooners

New York has an irresistible way of living, and offers some incredibly romantic places for honeymooners to spend quality time together.  From the resorts in the Hamptons, to the romantic hotels at Long Island, here are twelve enchanting places in the New York State for a honeymoon getaway.

1.  Take a long picturesque drive on Dune Road

The speed limit on Dune Road is 30 mph, perfect for absorbing the views of the ocean, sand, and huge beach homes on either side of this two-lane road.  Mostly owned by well-known celebrities, these houses provide a great backdrop.

2.  Go for a wine tasting at North Fork

The ideal way to reach the North Fork of Long Island is via ferry.  At North Fork, you can take a tour of the local vineyards and wineries, where you can taste some of the best wines and get absorbed in the prime locations of Long Island at the same time.

3.  Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls spread across the borders of USA and Canada.  The falls are breathtaking; you can get a close-up on a Maid of the Mist boat tour. You can also take a journey to the Cave of the Winds.

4.  Enjoy a Trek at the Quogue Wildlife Refuge

Seven miles of trail run through a group of woodlands, fishponds, as well as a grove of rare dwarf pines. The houses in the area offer an amazing feeling of being in a refuge surrounded by hawks, falcons, owls, bald eagles, and bobcats.

5.  Hang out at Cooper’s Beach

Cooper’s Beach has excellent waves, spotless white quartz sand, and grass-covered dunes, putting this place on the list of top public coastlines, which is ranked by the quality of water and sand.  Additionally, it is one of those few coastlines where visitors are permitted to park for a day.

6.  Sit down for a romantic talk at Finger Lakes

Recognized for the many lengthy thin lakes in the area, this region takes individuals past picturesque panoramas and even waterfalls, where you can visit wineries and vineyards and indulge in wine tasting. Throughout autumn, the leaves change colors and entire areas are filled with shades of yellow, orange, and red.  Autumn is an excellent time for camping.  There are also numerous lodging choices and places where you can dine in the area.

7.  Do not miss the panoramic sunset at Foster Memorial Beach

There are amazing sunset-facing benches across the entire stretch, plus grassy locations for picnicking and relaxing.  These beaches are an excellent spot to take children swimming because the area is shallow throughout.  After the sunset, wander to one of the eating spots close by on Sag Harbour’s Main Street.

8.  Explore the surroundings of Thousand Island

The Thousand Island area is home to a cluster of several small islands on the St Lawrence River that spread along both USA and Canada.  There are a number of tourist activities and attractions to indulge in.  One of those islands is Heart Island, shaped like a heart.  Also, a couple can enjoy the sight of wild animals at the Clayton Islands.  Among the many activities to indulge in are boat tours, speedboat rides, air balloon flight at 1000 feet over the islands, and tasting sparkling wine.

9.  Hiking can be wonderful at Walking Dunes

Walking Dunes leaves you with the feeling that you encountered the Sahara.  The Sand-hills here created 100 years earlier are frequently moving (which is why they are called “walking” dunes).  They are enormous and can rise to 80 feet tall.  It is definitely worth the climb so that you can get a better view of nearby Napeague Harbor.

10.  Get fascinated by the beauty of Times Square

One of the most iconic areas in New York City is Times Square with its countless shops, studios, restaurants, theaters, and billboards.  The place has been often included in films and is a great place for New Year Eve.

11.  Loosen up and rest peacefully at The Baker House 1650

The Baker House 1650 in East Hampton is known for its 200-year-old wisteria backed by English yards, giving a noticeably European feel.  The Baker House has large wonderfully furnished rooms with wooden fireplaces, the best in class bed linens, as well as luxurious washrooms accompanied by whirlpools.

There is an outdoor infinity swimming pool, ideal for sunbathing and for lovers to unwind.  The Baker Spa features another infinity pool, massage therapy area, steam shower, sauna, and Jacuzzi.

During the summers, visitors are welcomed with beach parking passes at East Hampton Village, with access to deluxe beach chairs, umbrellas, and towels.  The Baker Carriage House, situated directly behind the main building is another option. The Baker House 1650 is situated within the historical village of East Hampton, within walking distance to the ocean, world-class restaurants, and shops.

12.  Experience real adventure at Lake Placid

The village situated near the lake is also a winter season Olympics location.  There are a lot of things to do throughout the year right from rafting, rock climbing, hiking, boating, fishing, ice climbing, sledding, ice skating, and skiing.  Couples looking for an adventure on their honeymoon will surely enjoy this area.

So, what should be your pick?

A Honeymoon in the State of New York is a remarkable experience with great places and things to see and do, not to mention Long Islands has many resorts options in Hamptons that provide for the perfect romantic getaway.  There are countless other places and things to do in the area.  If you are unsure what to see or do, try some of the options above.