How Can Photogrammetry be Used in Real Estate? 

Whether you’re buying your dream home or renovating your current one to be everything you’ve ever wanted, photogrammetry should be your best friend. If you haven’t heard of photogrammetry, it’s ok, and there’s a decent chance you’ve used it. Photogrammetry is using photography to measure distances between objects and build 3D models. Here are some of the ways that photogrammetry can be used in real estate.

Home Renovations

Upgrading your kitchen or adding a bathroom will require measuring your current space. In addition to knowing the measurements of the walls and floor, you’ll need to know where some other items are, like pipes, outlets, and wires. Photogrammetry uses image measurement to build a model of your space. You’ll see where you can run additional plumbing, wiring, and more. The model will help you calculate the number of materials that need to be purchased and can even help you create a budget for your home renovation.


Taking photos of your home when using photogrammetry will make painting your home more straightforward than ever before. You can take pictures of the interior or exterior of your home to get accurate measurements, so you know exactly how much paint to buy for your project. Depending on what application you’re using to capture these measurements, you may even be able to see how different paint colors will look on your wall. This will help you save even more money because you won’t need to buy a different color if you decide you don’t like the first choice.


Have you ever bought a piece of furniture that wasn’t quite the right size for your home? After building a model of your home, you can be more confident when picking out new pieces for your home. Theoretically, you can capture an image of an item in the store and see how it will look in your home. You’ll want to include all your current furniture to see how much space is available. This is great for decorating if you’re going to make sure a coach doesn’t cover part of a window, stools are high enough for a kitchen bar area, and where a bed should be orientated. 


When a seller needs to vacate their home before it sells, the furniture usually goes with them. Stagers are used to bring in furniture to show off every corner of the home. An excellent home stager will use photogrammetry to assess the area and know which furniture will look best in the home. The stager can even work with the sellers and real estate agents to create the best aesthetic if they have a virtual inventory of what is available to place in the home.

Showing Options

As housing developments are built out, new homeowners might not see their actual home before they purchase it. Photogrammetry allows real estate agents to show the various options for each home when the real home isn’t available to view. Prospective buyers can see options like window bays, extra bedrooms, arches, and recessed lighting so they can choose the option they desire. When done correctly, entire virtual home tours can be created with photogrammetry.