3 Easy Ways to Maintain Your Roof 

Not everyone can afford to have their roofs maintained by professionals. Most prefer to do repairs around the house themselves. It is a cheaper option and less of a hassle than having to find the location of professionals. 

If you maintain your home regularly, you can catch problems before they occur. Maintaining the roof can lessen the expense towards repairs. Retaining a roof is simple and easy. Here are three simple steps to ensure a longer-lasting roof: 

1. Inspect Your Home

Always inspect the roof for things like: 


If the shingles are missing or damaged, then it is time to act quickly. Damaged shingles are a part of the normal wear and tear of a roof. Shingles should be checked thoroughly and regularly. 

To prevent quicker wear and tear, try cleaning them once a month. By cleaning them, you get rid of any moss, algae, or fungi that can compromise your home. Replacing shingles yourself is quick and easy. 


One must familiarize themselves with each place that has sealant. Check these places often. If there are any signs of cracking the old sealant must be removed, and new sealant must be put in its place. 

Replacing the sealant can also be simple. By replacing the sealant, you can potentially fix shingles as well. Some sealant can repair cracking, folding, and give UV ray protection. 


If parts of the roof are made of metallic components, it is crucial to check for rust or corrosion. Rust is an easy and cheap fix. A wire-brush must be used to remove the rust from the metallic parts of the house. 

Once the rust is removed a coat of paint, over the affected parts, will maintain a longer life. 

2. Clean the Eavestrough System

The gutters of a home collect the water from rain and drain the water using downspouts. Blocked gutters can cause a lot of damage to the roof. Water that collects can seep into your roofing structure. 

The water damage can be extensive, and the repairs costly. One can easily avoid this by keeping their gutters in good repair and clean. Cleaning gutters will avoid blockages, damage, and reduce cost. One must be sure to clean your gutters the proper way. 

3. Trim Your Branches

Overhanging branches pose a threat to your roofing structure. Branches growing near your home can break or crack your shingles. The leaves that fall will collect moisture and rot through the roof. Twigs, seeds and leaves and clog up your gutters. 

When inspecting your home, be sure to check the trees growing nearby as well. If branches are growing to close, then they must be trimmed immediately. Trimming tree branches is an easy process. By using a hedge cutter, these branches can be taken care of neatly. 


With these three points, you can maintain and fix the roof yourself. Maintaining it yourself is cost-effective and can help you avoid disasters. Although having a professional check yearly is recommended.