Best Online Services for Distance Learning

Online training is a promising and effective way to become a specialist in any field. Thanks to modern technology, you can easily get a diploma without leaving your home. Communication between students and teachers occurs in real-time using special programs. In this case, the student can choose a convenient schedule for training and exams. In this article, we have put together specialized services that help you study remotely, but no less efficiently. Make sure to check out the list to find something that will save the day!


Moodle is a multitasking system whose purpose is to make the work of the student and teacher remotely as efficient as possible. Using Moodle, the teacher can create courses, filling them with contents in the form of texts, supporting files, presentations, questionnaires, etc.

To use Moodle, it is enough to have any web browser, which makes using this learning environment convenient for both the teacher and students. Based on the results of the students’ assignments, the teacher can put marks and give comments. Thus, Moodle is also a center for creating educational material and ensuring interactive interaction between participants in the educational process.


ATutor is an open-source distance learning system used to develop and provide access to distance learning courses. The main advantages of the ATutor distance learning system are, first of all, the ease of use.

Administrators can easily install and update the ATutor distance learning system, develop new system interface topics, and easily expand the system functionality through the use of additional modules.

Teachers can easily compile and distribute distance learning courses. Existing training content is also easy to use. Students, in turn, receive an accessible, adaptive, social learning environment.

Google Сlassroom

Google Classroom is available to all owners of a personal Google account. If you have ever taken online courses, then you will easily understand the platform. At it, the teacher organizes work with several courses, gives assignments, including individual ones, checks the work done, and puts grades.

Each course automatically receives a code according to which students will subsequently be able to find their own “virtual audience.” It’s also very convenient to study in the Google Class mobile app for Android and iOS.

Google has tried to make the learning process multilateral. The easiest way to share roles is with the teacher and student. The teacher places materials, attaches files, creates assignments, and students get acquainted with the information, perform practical tasks, and receive grades. If necessary, comments are added at each stage – for example, when the teacher considers it necessary to correct or supplement the task.


You have certainly heard of this project. All the services listed above imply a direct interaction between the student and the teacher, but using this platform, you can learn anything and anytime. This is a real Klondike for someone who wants to expand their knowledge, or else to study any industry from scratch.

In addition, you are completely independent of what to study and when. You can study several courses in parallel while evaluating what is more interesting to you. At the moment, Coursera is a market leader in electronic and distance education.

Moreover, it is definitely much cheaper than college. However, the effectiveness of learning will depend only on you.

Few Final Words

We know that to study remotely is as difficult as traditional full-time training. Moreover, most likely, you will be forced to plan your class schedule very competently, switching between work and personal life. No matter what service and direction of study you choose for yourself, remember that there are online custom writing companies like CustomWritings that are always there for you, as well as are always ready to land you a helping hand with homework quickly, efficiently and inexpensively.