Are Raw Eggs Bad for Pregnant Women?

You will agree with me that pregnancy is held in high esteem all over the globe. It has become a tradition for people to celebrate whenever pregnancy results are positive. This in essence explains why its very important for pregnant women to ensure the safety of their unborn babies. Its said that human life is sacred. Its therefore important for a pregnant woman to do everything within her power to ensure the safety of her unborn baby. How can this be achieved? For starters, we need to realize that women undergo a lot of changes when they become pregnant. This makes it difficult for women to continue doing the activities they did when they were pregnant. For instance, they can no longer sleep in whatever posture they want; they cant walk for long distances and also cannot eat certain foods.

The need to consult a doctor becomes essential with every passing month. In fact, women are advised to read a lot of materials on pregnancy in order to prepare themselves psychologically. The issue of what foods to eat and what to avoid has been around for quite some time. First time pregnant women do not have an idea of how to carry themselves when pregnant as well as the kinds of foods they should take. This is where it becomes very important for such women to seek the advice of a qualified doctor on how they can ensure the safety of their unborn child.

A woman should desist from eating undercooked or raw food at all costs. This is because such foods contain bacteria which could be harmful to the unborn baby. Pregnant women have a duty to ensure the safety of their unborn baby. As such, they need to ensure that the foods they consume are thoroughly cooked and that they provide proper nutrients for the well being of the unborn. In as much as eating eggs during pregnancy is highly recommended, doctors warn on eating raw eggs. Undercooked or raw eggs could prove devastating to the well being of the baby.

Uncooked eggs contain salmonella bacteria which in essence mean that if a pregnant woman who takes such an egg puts her unborn baby in danger. Doctors advice that pregnant women should eat eggs which are thoroughly cooked as all the bacteria is destroyed. Eggs are porous and therefore the probability of bacteria being passed to the inside is very high. A woman should therefore not wash the eggs and believe that she has dealt the bacterias a blow. She should always look forward to cooking or frying her eggs thoroughly before eating.