Beat the Summer Heat with Custom Flip Flops

The best part of the year is probably summer, it is the only time of the year where comfort is the fashion statement, and where everyone is required to be in their most summery outfits. Everyone loves summer because it is laidback and is the time for taking vacations or spending trips to the beach. It is the time of the year where walking barefoot or in sandals is actually encouraged. Summer is vibrant, colorful and fun. However, the one thing that people love and complain about summer is the heat. People who live in the colder parts of the country welcome the summer heat, while those who live in the dry areas feels that the summer heat becomes hotter. The best way to deal with the summer heat is to wear custom flip flops!

Why Everyone Needs a Custom Flip Flop

Custom flip flops are rubber slippers that has gained popularity among the young and hip trendsetters. It is one of the most comfortable footwear, it is slip on, lightweight and your feet can wiggle and breathe. If you are going to be in the beach, the most practical option is a custom flip flop, it is water proof and it is not damaged by sea water or the moisture from the sand not like those made of leather, canvass or cloth. Moreover custom flip flops come in different colors and styles that will complement any outfit for summer. Being made of materials that are not that expensive, a custom flip flop is cheap, you can probably buy three pairs and it would still not cost as much as a loafer or shoes. It would not make sense to go to the beach and not be wearing proper footwear. Moreover, flip flops is not just for the beach but you can wear it for strolling along the shops, dining out and even just lounging around.

Where to Order Custom Flip Flops

Flip flops are available everywhere, especially in shops that line the beach and in some resorts and mall outlets. The average flip flops can be as simple as a one tone colored rubber slippers, some people even lose their flip flops every time they go to the water to swim, and after which they again buy a new pair. However, a custom flip flop is one that has a unique design that can be entirely your own. Even flip flop companies now host their own make your own flip flops when summer is fast approaching. There is something about creating your own personal fashion statement in a custom flip flop.

Custom flip flops can be ordered online, there are a number of online shops that specialize in the selling of flip flops of various color, design and materials. However, very few do offer a customization service, and allow clients to create their own design from a variety of materials that are already in stock by the stores. The custom flip flops will then be produced and delivered to the customer in a specified time frame.

What You Need to Order Custom Flip Flops

Before ordering that custom flip flop you are dying to wear on your next beach party, there are a couple of things you need to have when making your order so it would goas smoothly as possible without having to endure snags and misunderstandings and worst receiving something you did not want.

  • Make sure that you already have a solid idea or picture of what you want your custom flip flop to be. This would mean that you have done your research and have checked on the existing stocks of the store and have narrowed your choices to at least a top three.
  • You also need to identify the type of flip flop you want to order, is it the slim ones with the slender straps or the wider one with thick straps, or the one with heels or sling backs. Make sure also that you have checked with the store to see if they have the specific flip flops that you want in your own design.
  • Maybe you have been saving up for that epic bikini or swimming trunks, and it would go nicely with a matching custom flip flop, so make sure you have the specific color combination and a close second or alternative if it is not available.
  • And do not forget your size of course, the store may have all the specific designs that you want for your custom flip flops, but without your size, you cannot make your own design or even order from them at all. Thus it is a good idea to find at least also five stores that you really like and offers a wide assortment of custom work and materials.
  • Lastly, you need to set a budget or an amount that you are willing to spend for one pair of custom flip flops. Although on average flip flops are not that pricey to start with but if you want say crystals and metal studs or a high quality rubber sole, then the price could increase pretty fast. So be sure to have a limit and stick to it.

Order Your Custom Flip Flops Now

As most online stores, every transaction or dealings with the store will be through the internet and you only need to visit the website of the store, and find a customer representative to take in your design or even just to inquire from. This can be through their webchat feature or you can call or send them an email or a message. Once a customer representative has called you or contacted you, you can now discuss the details of your custom flip flops, and since you already have your prepared design, then this will be just a breeze. The store will then process your request and provide you with a sample image of your custom flip flop, and if all is well, you can then finalize the order. After which, the store will manufacture your design and deliver this at your doorstep, in as fast as three days.