What are Phonological Errors? – An Introduction and Infographic

Speech errors, also called phonological errors, are normal when a young child is learning how to speak. They literally may not be able to say various sounds like a rolled R or W yet. However, children should learn words and how to say them properly as they grow up. The hard part for parents is knowing whether or not their child is on track. The risk parents take when they ignore speech problems and delays is that the child struggles to catch up as they grow older, and speech problems start to get in the way of socialization and even their education. This is why you cannot afford to wait when severe phonological difficulties are seen. This is where the WPS Publish comes in. It is an inclusive list of types of phonological problems, explaining what they are called, how they impact a child’s speech and when it should disappear by. The infographic by WPS Publish also states when a phonological problem indicates a severe issue, telling parents when the child needs to be assessed immediately.

Infographic by WPSpublish.com

Types of Phonological Processes