What Makes Some People Smarter Than Others?

The world is full of overachievers and highly intelligent people. Historically, they have been responsible for progress of mankind, as well as destruction of the planet in some cases.  Some people think intelligence is something we are born with, and there is nothing that can be done to influence it. This diminishes the aspect of social equality and feeds the over-hyped facets of eugenics, which is a dangerous science, as history suggests. Modern science has concluded time and again that apart from genes, environmental factors also play a part in shaping our IQ.

On the other end of the spectrum, are smart pills to improve memory and cognitive function. If you are thinking about the Bradley Cooper starring cult-classic movie ‘Limitless’; you are right. Experts at Top Brain Enhancements says that limitless pills do exist. Let’s know more about them.

Culture and Environment Effects Intelligence

The degree of success varies with society. The ideas of ‘attractiveness’ and ‘common-sense’ also differs with culture. Many experts think that random IQ tests fail to take into account these factors. Many people are not even used to taking such tests, so are these quizzes and puzzles the right ways to determine IQ levels? In modern world, people care about IQ scores to a great extent. It is kind of a powerful predictor of life outcomes.

Such correlations are misleading. Life outcomes depend a lot on circumstances, country and families you are born in, opportunities and the availability of proper food. In fact, a nutritious diet is something that has a meaningful impact on several cognitive functions, ranging from memory to decision-making ability and even mood. However, diet may take months and years to have an impact on brain power. Also, the diet followed during childhood can have an impact through the life of a person.

Intelligence is Inherited

It is undoubtedly true, that genes do play a critical role in shaping our intellect.  A combination of 500 odd genes has been found to produce substantial effects in shaping mental capacities. But, upbringing does play a part in the process. When parents introduce their children to good books, music and creative pursuits from early stages, they develop critical thinking and reasoning capabilities. Childhood abuse, diseases, malnourishment, neglect can be devastating for a child’s mental development. Iodine deficiencies in developing countries have been found to be associated with lower IQ problems, and so also diseases like parasitic ring-worm and lead poisoning.

What about Limitless Pills?

Pharmaceutical companies are coming up with brain & memory supplements, which can increase concentration, mental prowess and memory functions. One such concept of real-life limitless drug is Modafinil, which has been known to curb mental fatigue, forgetfulness and helps a person stay vigilant and mindful.

Mind-Lab Pro is another non-prescription smart pill, designed to improve brain activities, motivation and concentration levels. It consists of natural ingredients, which help improves brain regeneration and brain health. The efficacy of these pills can vary, however, from person to person.

Finally, it’s a combination of all the factors that can help improve brain power and make a person smarter than others.