Find the Perfect Graduation long Prom Dress

The big day is coming and you’re not ready yet? You wonder what color and which material dominate? Which length to adopt? What shoes and accessories to choose to complete your outfit? We can help you!

Like all your friends, you want to stand out. Take a look at our selection and find the perfect long prom dresses in the most fashionable details this year at JJ’s House!

The Long Ball Gowns

This timeless dress suits all and will never go out of fashion! What stands out at the moment: Games of transparency. The curtain is longer while the lining discreetly displays your pretty legs. As for ornaments, lace and embroidery are still classics. They will put your shoulders and arms in value while giving you a refined look.

The short Prom Dresses

With her, a desire to spin on the dance floor will make you drunk! Currently, the short dress loves to waltz with pastel-hued satin. Its shiny, iridescent finish and puff sleeves remind us of our beloved 2000s. Adopting it will be a bold choice that everyone will remember!

The Casual ball Gown

In 2019, fashion offers comfort with JJ’s House! So, you can slip into a light outfit that you can even postpone later. Be completely up to date by arranging a pair of sneakers. Also add lace socks or mesh to give your ankles a chic and adorable touch.

The Colorful Prom Dresses

This is the perfect opportunity to dare the color you want to wear! Attract attention with a scarlet red, royal blue or emerald green ball gown. And why not refresh your look with complementary colors, color blocking?

The Black Prom Dresses

The black dress will become your best friend if you consider yourself more of the conventional type. Do you have the audacity to explore further? The black suit will be just as chic, but more original! You can also try suiting, as Carrie Bradshaw masters so well. Put on pants, a shirt, a jacket, high heels and a multitude of feminine and shiny accessories.

The Accessories

The final touch will make you truly unique. This season, jewels have fun with the asymmetry and mix of materials: silver, gold, feathers, crystals, pearls all vibrate together!

On the side of the shoe, the block heels are attendances. They will allow you to be comfortable for several hours and give you a confident approach.

Naturally, you will want to capture your evening and take lots of photos. Why not find a cellphone case with sequins or a metallic finish that will complement your look wonderfully?

Remember: The goal is to feel good and to find you beautiful! It’s your day and you have the freedom to choose the style that best represents you. And above all, have fun!

How to Choose your Prom dress Depends on your Body and your Face Style?

In choosing the prom dress, the most important is that the choice depending on the shape of your own style.

Slender wear all styles are good. People should dress small skirt, choose a simple style appropriate lines, preferably a line or model models of tall clothing, which can lengthen the line of the leg.

In addition, the plump body who must wear strapless dresses or sunbath style dresses, in addition to demonstrate the benefits of fullness of the breast, it can also lengthen the neck line. Besides, you can try long-sleeved dress, or more of a shawl, which will be slightly thick arm cover in place.

People who have thinner and a small upper body could wear style package, size choice skirt style, than Thin Man’s skeleton of small arms, the best choice puff sleeve or l ong sleeve design. If you do not like this type of dress that is recommended, it can wear gloves as decoration, make the whole people do not look too thin.

Even if it’s a pretty sublime form, but there are two kinds of women who should avoid choosing prom dresses: those who have a small size could not balance the proportion of the dress because there is a huge contrast between the bustier and the pan, which will further reduce the small size. The other kind of women who cannot wear prom dresses are those who have generous breasts. The explanation lies in the incoherence of the bust and the bulky dress. He is far from talking about the aesthetic effect.