Your Guide to CrossFit Los Angeles

The CrossFit craze has continued to rock the world of the fit. As a matter of fact, there is already a total of over 13,000 CrossFit gyms noted worldwide and the CrossFit gym goers are said to be evenly comprising of both men and women who have been wanting to carry out a combination of high-intensity cardio, gymnastic, and weightlifting movements multiple times a week.

What is CrossFit and why do CrossFit Los Angeles community love it?  

CrossFit is a type of high intensity workout program designed to provide a full-body workout comprising of weight lifting, core training, gymnastics, cardio routines and more to contention the body for the unexpected.

During the early years since CrossFit was conceptualized way back in 2000, it was frequently used by a lot of champion marital artists, tactical operations teams, police academies, and military special operations units. Nowadays, besides professional and elite athletes worldwide, people from different walks of life are already joining the CrossFit Los Angeles community because of its promising effect to the body which can be noticed in a short span of time. It has been said that a CrossFit lover will most likely not carry out the same routine twice in one week and each routine can be done for as short as 15 minutes. Apparently, this has played a major role in catching nonCrossFitters’ interest.

Besides the quickly noticeable weight loss it promises, below are common reasons why CrossFit Los Angeles community are getting hooked with the workout:

  1. Scalable, Modifiable Workout

CrossFitters vary in terms of age, sex, experience, and levels of ability. However, every member in the CrossFit gym, or the box as they call it, is usually inclined to carry out high-intensity but doable set of exercises mainly because of two reasons: first, CrossFit Los Angeles movements are modifiable; and second, CrossFit community practices scaling weight accurately. For example, a person who has just enrolled in a CrossFit box may use a lighter kettle bell or seek support from an exercise band when performing pull-ups.

  1. CrossFit is physical fitness made more fun!

Although there are a lot of fun cardio workouts like boxing, outdoor biking, running, as per CrossFitters, CrossFit is the most fun cardio workout as they will not need to carry out the same repetitive workout routines every day. CrossFit timeline tackles new set of routines every day leaving CrossFitters excited for the next session. To them, plateauing feel has already ended the moment they decided to enroll in CrossFit.

  1. CrossFit is pro metabolism and increases muscle mass.

A lot of fitness enthusiasts are getting addicted to CrossFitting because the said workout supports their aim to gain more muscle mass. Female box goers can easily develop lean muscles which help them look more fit and toned. The great thing about added mass is that it also improves the metabolic rate, thus facilitating a quicker weight loss.

Kinds of CrossFit Los Angeles For Women

Numerous CrossFit studies have shown that CrossFit workout enhances a woman’s body’s overall composition and fitness levels. Among the many CrossFit workouts invented for women, CrossFit workouts below are believed to be the best ones beginners have to try first. Find out why:

  1. Angie CrossFit

Angie workout is composed of 100 pull-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 push-ups, and 100 squats that have to be executed consecutively with short breaks in between sets to keep a good condition all throughout the workout. Angie CrossFit is designed to be performed as quickly as possible. For beginners, a modified Angie workout is advisable, i.e. 20 to 30 of each routine instead of 100, and this can go higher if the CrossFitter is already up for higher intensity sets.

  1. Barbara CrossFit

Barbara workout is composed of five repetitions of varied routines. For each set, the CrossFitter has to perform 30 push-ups, 20 pull-ups, 50 squats, and 40 sit-ups consecutively. In between sets, a 3-minute rest is advisable. Beginners who might find it hard to complete a Barbara workout routine can do three sets first with each set requiring only 9 push-ups, 5 pull-ups, 20 squats, and 15 sit-ups, and can increase the sets as their bodies adjust.

  1. Chelsea CrossFit

Chelsea workout is a 30-minute routine, hence it requires a stopwatch or a timer. This routine comprises of 5 pull-ups, 15 squats, and 10 push-ups that have to be done every minute until the entire 30 minutes period is up. Chelsea routine may appear easy but with the required duration, the weight it puts on the legs and other parts on the body can get heavier the longer.

  1. Jackie CrossFit

Jackie workout is composed of 1000-meter row, 50 thrusters, 30 pull-ups, and each set ends with a push press. This is famous amongst the many CrossFit workouts because of its promising effect in a short span of time which is made possible because of its high-intensity nature especially when thrusters are used.

  1. Kelly CrossFit

Kelly workout, which is named after Kelly Moore who is a famous CrossFitter, is composed of 5 sets of three varied routines which have to be carried out as fast as possible. Each set includes running 400 meters, 30 wall ball shots using a medicine ball that weighs 16 lbs, and 30 20-inch box jumps.

Kelly CrossFit is believed to be one of the hardest CrossFit workouts in the CrossFit Los Angeles community.

  1. Nancy CrossFit

Nancy workout is composed of 5 sets of high-intensity sets involving two types of routines: a 400-meter run, and a 15 overhead squats using a 65-pound barbell. Albeit being over exhausting, Nancy workout is a common favorite because of its quick effect as the routine facilitates more “fat burning” and muscle building. Beginners who might find it hard to carry a 65 pound barbell can always opt for a lighter barbell providing they strive to improve as they go along.

  1. Tabata CrossFit

Last but not the least is the Tabata workout which is composed of a 20-second high intensity exercise and 10 seconds rest that have to be repeated for around 8 times until the entire 4 minutes is taken up. The 20-second workout can be carried out with a barbell or a jumping rope, squats, pull-ups, or push-ups. Tabata CrossFit is considered a “freedom” kind of CrossFit but its effectiveness is still guaranteed.