Tips for Creating the Perfect Wedding Hashtags

Wedding hashtags have become all the rage, and even the norm, for couples getting married in the digital age. With the rise of social media has come the rise of hashtags, and wedding hashtags are some of the most popular.

There are different kinds of wedding hashtags: general wedding hashtags about all things wedding-related, and unique wedding hashtags made by couples.

General wedding hashtags are great for sharing wedding content and making it easy for others to find. If you’re looking for inspiration while planning your wedding, you can search for hashtags like #weddinginspiration or more specific ones like #weddinghair to find ideas. Hashtags make it easy to share content online based on topic, so brides and grooms can share their wedding style and check out what other couples did.

Unique wedding hashtags are usually a mashup or punny saying using the couple’s names. These wedding hashtags are used to share photos or posts online regarding the wedding. When creating these hashtags, you want to find one that is totally unique so that no one else has used it. That way, when guests tag their pictures with your hashtag, it creates an online album of photos from your wedding. All the posts with your unique hashtag will be in one place for you and your guests to see.

How To Create a Unique Wedding Hashtag

Coming up with your own unique wedding hashtag can be difficult, especially since they are so popular. Some of the easy ones that come to mind may have already been taken, and while you can still use them, your posts will be mixed in with others who have used the same hashtag. The best wedding hashtags are totally unique to your wedding. Consider these factors when trying to create a wedding hashtag.

The Couple’s Names

The first things you should consider when creating your wedding hashtag are the names of the bride and groom. You can look and both first and last names to come up with something unique. If you have a couple name, like the famous Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s “Brangelina”, this could work well as a hashtag or as a part of the hashtag. You can try mashing your names together as such, or just include your names elsewhere in the hashtag.

With last names, it can be fun to allude to the bride changing her name (if she is taking the groom’s name, that is). Hashtags like #FinallyFredericks or #GoodbyeGarcia play with the name change and can be unique to each couple. There’s also nothing wrong with generic ones like #MaryMarriesJohn.

Witty Sayings

Often, wedding hashtags use witty (or cheesy) sayings. You can use wedding phrases like tie the knot, down the aisle, off the market, or other simple phrases that relate to marriage. Even phrases relating to love in general work well, especially if you can incorporate your name in the hashtag.

Sit down and try writing out a list of wedding, marriage, or love phrases that you can potentially use. If you see one that makes it easy for you to include your name, you’re set! For example, if the groom’s last name is Tyler, you could do #TylerTheKnot. That one may be too easy, but there are endless ways you could work your name into a common wedding saying. You can always push the envelope when it comes to stretching names and sounds – guests will understand what you were going for.


Another common theme in wedding hashtags is alliteration. Alliteration is when you use multiple words in a row or in a sentence with the same first letter or sound. Examples of this could be #JustMarriedJones, #MeetTheMartins, and so on. Using alliteration gives your hashtags a catchy ring to it, and can make it easier to narrow down what you want to include. If you can’t work your names into a common phrase based on sound, you can simply tie in your name based on alliteration.

Wedding Hashtag Generators 

If all else fails, try using a wedding hashtag generator to come up with a hashtag for you. There are abundant websites that can create a hashtag based on information you plug in, like your first and last names, married name, wedding date, anniversary, and more. Some work in details like the location of the wedding or where you met, or allow you to add details about your relationship.

There are free wedding hashtag generators and paid ones. The free ones are great because, well, it’s free, but many of them are less creative when it comes to making a unique hashtag. Paid hashtag generators tend to be more personal and unique, so if you have it in your wedding budget and really want a good hashtag, splurge on one. Some paid services even have writers on staff to create the hashtags, so you know you’re getting the best.