How to Properly Use Essential Oils

Getting the most out of your essential oils comes down to how you use them. There are many effective ways to use your essential oils, so it really comes down to the type of oil and the methods you like best.

Since essential oils can be added to just about any product and be effective, we’re going to talk about a few methods that people use to get the most out of their essential oils.


When it comes to most essential oils, an oil diffuser is a great way to get the most out of your oils. An essential oil diffuser uses your essential oils and spreads them into the air around. Many essential oils give off a great odor into the air, so these diffusers can also be used as air fresheners. On top of the great smell, essential oils used in a diffuser can help kill bacteria and fungus in the air. Between the great smells and the cleaner air, oil diffusers are one of the most popular methods used with essential oils. For health conscious fashionistas, diffuser bracelets are even becoming popular.


Topical ointments are another extremely popular method of using essential oils. These mixtures use essential oils and other skin healthy ingredients to left you safely apply the oils to your skin. You should never use a mixture that exceeds 3-5% essential oils, and if you plan to use it over large portions of the body, your solution should be closer to 1%. That means if you use a teaspoon of water, vegetable oil, or nut oil, you should only use 3 drops of essential oils in the mixture. Children should use no more than .5% concentrations, and babies should an even lower .25% concentration. Any more can be dangerous for your health. If you use water as you medium for your essential oils, make sure you shake it well before each use. If you don’t, you’ll miss out on the benefits of the oil from your mixture.

Dry Evaporation

Dry evaporation is a lot like using a diffuser, but it’s for closer quarters instead of filling the room with essential oils and their smells. All you have to do is put essential oils onto a cotton ball and let it be around you. The essential oils will naturally evaporate from the cotton balls, and you will get the benefits the essential oils you choose. If you don’t feel like it’s presence is really making an impact, get closer to the smell on the cotton balls. Be careful, it can get really intense if you get too close.

Essential Oil Steam

Another great way to use your essential oils is by making essential oil steam. You can put a pot of water on the stove and get it nice and hot. Once you start to see bubbles and steam, you can add a few drops of essential oil. Once you add the oil to the water, stir the mixture together. Then you can put your face over steam to inhale the essential oil vapors.


Since there are so many antibacterial essential oils, it only makes sense to use it in a spray form. Put some essential oil and water into a spray bottle. Give that mixture and a good shake, and you have natural cleaners for a variety of purposes. You can spray water with mint essential oil mixtures to ward off garden critters, or you could mix water with lemon to give you counters a wonderful citrus scent.


If you want to absorb the oil while you inhale them at the same time, you want to start running a bath. You can add essential oils into the bath water that contains a dispersant medium like a few tablespoons of full cream milk. This lets you absorb essential oils through your skin while also inhaling their benefits.


You can even step up your mouthwash game with essential oils. By putting a few drops of essential oil in your wash water, you can obtain the health benefits and smells of certain essential oils. Do not swallow the mixture! Make sure you spit the mixture out, as you should never ingest essential oils. This is only for a mouth gargle and nothing more. Seriously, don’t swallow it.


You can take the idea of the steam mixture from earlier, and apply it to badges. If you have sore joints, you can put ginger in your water and let the mixture soak on a towel. After you have the cloth soaked in the warm mixture, you can apply and compress the cloth around the joint for some relief. Make sure it’s not boiling hot when you put it on your skin. You want the cloth to be warm, not give you burns. If you need more heat, you can apply it later.

Making the Most of Essential Oils

Different essential oils have a wide variety of uses, so it really takes time to find the best way to use them. Different oils will do better in different mediums, so you really have to take the time to think about what you are using the essential oils for.

If you are trying to make a cleaning product, you probably want to make some sort of spray. If you are trying to make your house smell good, look into oil diffusers. Maybe you’re just looking for a lotion to make your skin less dry, you should look into essential oil infused lotions for additional benefits.

Really, you either want to inhale or apply your essential oil mixtures for the best results.

Remember, there are normally multiple essential oils that have similar effects, so make sure you try a wide variety of oils and products to find the best one for you.