The Most Common NCLEX Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Are you preparing for the NCLEX exam? If this is the case, then you need to avoid the following mistakes when preparing for the NCLEX exam. To some, the NCLEX is one of the hardest exams they will be subjected to. This test is meant to examine your critical thinking skills and your commitment to your profession. Nurses are entrusted with saving the lives of patients’ day in and day out, and they are professionals who are trusted to save the lives of people without any discrimination. This is why every nurse is required to take this test for skill evaluation.

You need to prepare to throw yourself wholeheartedly into your NCLEX test prep because the NCLEX is entirely different from any other tests you have encountered in your undergrad or nursing program so far. Doing well on your tests in nursing school doesn’t mean that you will automatically do well in this test. Unlike nursing exams which examine what has been taught in classes, NCLEX tests are different as they are meant to test your capacity on how to apply and analyze different scenarios using the knowledge acquired in schools. The NCLEX exam is more about logical and critical thinking as opposed to other tests which are based on memorization.

Mistake #1 – Skimming the Questions

You should take your time to answer the NCLEX questions, and avoid rushing because you may end up providing wrong answers to simple questions. When taking any test in your lifetime, you need to be cautious and methodical to avoid being caught up by time. The other issue is that people tend to rush to questions they think they are familiar with. Those with this tendency should not try it as the NCLEX is designed to challenge you and make you pay attention to detail.

Mistake #2 – Cramming Before the Test

The NCLEX is not as simple as many think. You might have done well in your nursing exams by preparing last minute, but cramming before the NCLEX test is not enough to help you pass the test. Cramming before the test is linked with negative results as it will make you confused about what you learned in the previous study sessions. It’s advisable to follow a NCLEX test prep plan to avoid rushing during the last minute because cramming is not ideal if you are planning to do well in this test.

Mistake #3 – Psyching Yourself Out

To be psychologically prepared for the test, we need to avoid thoughts that may disrupt our attention or those that may lead to anxiety. Think of material things which may not cause any harm other than good.

Mistake #4 – Obsessing Over Your Notes

When you start having a negative attitude towards you notes or study application, among other things, you may find it challenging to do well on the NCLEX test. This is because the kind of questions you are subjected to are not similar to the ones you encountered in your nursing school. Look for new material because you will be tested more on your critical skills. If you’re feeling uncertain, try contacting a NCLEX test prep tutor or program to help you find the best materials.

Mistake #5 – Assuming the Worst

Most nurses don’t do well in this test on their first attempt. However, if you have failed in the previous test, you will be aware of what to expect. You are now well-informed of the time you require and the areas that you need to devote most of your time on. Failing is not the worst thing that can happen, so make sure you spend your energy just focusing on doing everything you can to succeed.