7 Effective Ways to Minimise Stress During a Legal Battle

Being caught in the midst of a legal battle can be extremely stressful. Emotions can run high through the whole process, from the law office to the courtroom. You will worry about your next move. You will worry about the results of the case. There are moments in the case where you will be caught off guard, feeling exposed, ashamed or unfairly accused. Potts lawyers Gold Coast are concerned for our clients, and we want them to make it through the legal process as calmly as possible. We will do our part by providing excellent legal service to our clients. Here are some ideas that can help you lower your stress levels during a legal battle.

1. Take Three Deep Breaths

Your body has a wonderful mechanism for dealing with danger. The stress response is commonly known as the fight or flight response. When a threat is detected, hormones are released that quickly increase heartrate and blood pressure, increase the breath rate and release energy from fat cells. Your body is primed for a powerful reaction. This is great when you are facing a dangerous animal. It is not so helpful when you are under pressure answering difficult questions in court. The stress response is automatic, but there is one part you can control, your breathing. When you feel under stress, stop and take three deep, slow breaths. By slowing your breathing, you will also slow your heartrate. You will feel a little calmer and able to deal with the matter at hand.

2. Meditate

Often, dealing with stress is about preparation. You know that a court date is going to be a stressful day. By taking up meditation or some other mindfulness practice, you are learning to be a calmer person in general. You can deal with higher levels of stress because you are starting from a calmer place. Establishing such a practice does not take long. Many people find that just 10 to 20 minutes of meditation in the morning every day is enough to provide an anchoring spot of calm during the rest of the day.

Another important benefit of mindfulness practices is gaining greater control of your thoughts. Worry and anxiety are often caused by a disturbing thought replaying itself in your mind. Each time that thought appears, it triggers a small burst of the stress response. Mindfulness helps you recognize that thoughts are just thoughts. The thought of a negative outcome is not the same as receiving that negative outcome. When you recognize the thought process, you can mentally lay it aside.

3. Walk in the Woods

If you love the outdoors, you probably find a walk in the woods to be a restorative practice. There is something special about walking on a trail surrounded by trees. If you can find a place with a running stream, it is even better. The further you get on the trail, the more the sounds of nature drown out the sounds of machines and general busyness. Walking among tall trees also reminds you of your place in the bigger picture of the world. During your walk, you may find that the problems you are facing seem insignificant. They have not gone away, but they seem more manageable.

4. Exercise

Another way to keep your composure under stress is to keep your body healthy. A regular exercise routine will help you stay calmer under pressure. Someone with good cardiovascular health naturally has a lower heartrate and blood pressure. In addition, exercise helps your body process and remove the hormones that are released in the stress response. Your body wants to do something physical when you are under stress. Exercise gives you a safe outlet for a physical response.

5. Maintain a Healthy Diet

It is common that people who are under stress make less healthy choices about the foods they eat. Most people do not seek out vegetables when they are upset. Although a small indulgence can give you a temporary feeling of well-being, many people find that a poor diet makes them feel worse in the long run. Eating unhealthy foods can leave you feeling sluggish, irritable and inattentive. If you have issues with food, you may also have feelings of guilt and shame on top of the stress from the legal battle. A healthy diet will give you the energy you need to get through this difficult process. Seek out fruits, vegetables, healthy proteins and whole-grain carbs to maintain your balance.

6. Seek Laughter 

There is truth to the saying that laughter is the best medicine. You have a unique sense of humor. You know the things that make you laugh. Whether it is cute animal videos, standup comedy or slapstick, take a daily dose of humor. Laughter causes your brain to release endorphins into your body. These chemicals make you feel good and relieve pain. Real, deep laughter also affects your breathing, forcing you to take those deep, cleansing breaths that calm you down. Laughter also tends to disrupt anxious thought processes. It gives you a temporary break from your worries.

7. Talk to a Friend 

As you go through a legal battle, it is good to have the support of a trusted friend. A friend or counselor can help you talk through your feelings about the process and remind you that you are not alone. Listening to a friend talk about his or her life can also remind you that there is more to life than the legal concern. Even though you may feel caught in the legal process, life is continuing around you. One day, things will be back to normal.

It is important to remember to keep proper boundaries when talking with a friend. It may not be appropriate or wise to share everything that is happening in the legal process. Share how you feel. Ask for support. Do not share information that may draw your friend into the legal proceedings.