10 Unique Glow Party Ideas

Parties can sometimes be very predictable. Cakes, balloons, lights, food, champagne, swimming, and a bunch of people. If you’re one of those people who attends every gathering he or she gets invited to, you may have memorized the decorations, the program, the surprises, and all that stuff already. But then, there will come a point wherein you will have to host your own celebration and you would want your friends, co-workers, and relatives to all be present there and have fun with you. Maybe that time is now.

Birthdays, graduation celebrations, baby showers, pre-nuptial parties, promotion bashes, and social events in general. Of course, when organizing a party, the goal is always to engage and entertain everybody apart from providing them with good food and an interesting program. I’d like to believe that you desire a unique party for a milestone that you wanna celebrate in your life.

Conceptualizing a Unique Party

Think of something that sparks interest in you, personally. Are you into sports? Music? Arts? Academe? Whatever idea you can squeeze out of your mind, take it. Next, what’s your peg? Have you seen something on the web that made you utter, ‘this is my kind of party’? Or maybe, you already have a conceived idea in your mind. Once you’ve identified it, don’t just stop there and settle. Develop it, turn it into a better concept.

It is important that you pick a certain theme and make sure everything else is drawn from it or least in accordance with it. The theme establishes the identity of your event or party. If you do it properly, the guests will be astounded and ecstatic. Of course, the fundamentals of a gathering should be kept in mind: the food, the lights, the decorations, the dress code, etc.

While there are many kinds of party themes–kiddie, dreamland or colorful, vintage, formal and classy, casual, ragged, etc., there is one theme that I would like to focus on and convince you to do. A unique glow party!

Why a glow party? First of all, it is interesting. Great lights always call guests’ attention and people, in general, would always admire beautifully lit set-up and venue especially if they glow in the dark. The celebration may be for kids or adults, but I’m telling you both groups would enjoy. You will not only have a glowing place but when you arranged everything to be glowing as well, the fun gets doubled. Definitely, you will hold this at night. Night parties are always the most thrilling!

How to Throw a Unique Glow Party (What You Will Need)

1.  Get all the regular lights out.

Glow party does not mean everything will be dark. You will only need to replace the regular bright fluorescent lights with the flashing, colorful ones. Stylish silicone LED neon lights can be used in lighting the entire venue effectively while adhering to the theme you have chosen. You can place them anywhere for they are flexible, not to mention, luminous enough.

2.  You will need to write down all the materials you need.

Create a list of what you think you will be needing. Also, a list of what to do. This will make the process quicker and more time-efficient. If you can ask someone to help you, that would be great and ideal. To avoid going back and forth to the marketplace or the mall, write everything that you need to buy.

3.  When visiting the store or shop, let cost and quality meet halfway.

There are a lot of products that come in good quality at a cheaper price. Set a particular budget for the party and its materials then go for the more practical side of preparation. You can also choose materials that you can reuse for the next gathering you will hold and organize.

4.  Decorate the walls, tables, floors, etc. with glowing ornamentations.

Basically, it won’t be a glow party without the glowing ornamentations. Don’t limit yourself! Be creative. Design your walls, ceilings, floors, tables, chairs, etc. Everything should be touched by the glow factor.

5.  Look for black lights and glowing sticks.

Black lights and glowing sticks are always essential to a glow party! They enhance the lighting and surroundings. They make you and your guests feel like you’re in a whole different world. Things get more fun and exciting with these two! You can hand each guest with a glowing stick as they enter the place. Just be careful in picking the right type of bulb.

6.  You can adapt to famous neon-themed movies or series.

Movies or series like Star Wars and Stranger Things which are most notable for their use of neon or glowing lights while filming can be used as a specific theme for the party. Some of your friends might really be a big fan of these blockbusters and they will surely appreciate the uniqueness of your organized celebration!

7.  Prepare cool glowing drinks!

People at a party would always love to drink. To stick to the glow party theme, it is appropriate to add cool glowing drinks. Pour some tonic water to any of the drinks then expose them to black light. Then, voila! Your glowing drinks are ready to be served.

8.  Of course, the glowing food table as well.

Decorate your food table with glow-in-the-dark materials as well as the backdrop. Use your glowing sticks. Clear neon food picks and the black lights will also help you with this.

9.  Incorporate glow-in-the-dark theme with game ideas.

Parties are more entertaining with the games that guests look forward to. Incorporate your theme by adding any glowing element to the materials involved in each game.

10.  Set up a glowing paint station.

Fluorescent body paint, as well as makeup, can be a great addition to your set up. Make the guests feel like they truly belong to the party by allowing them to be painted with glowing body paint. You can get an artist to do the painting or you can leave it free at one station for your guests to consume.


We only celebrate the biggest milestones of our lives once. Let’s make the most out of each one of them! Let’s make our guests feel at home at the place as we provide them with good accommodation and a lovely ambiance! Food and games are also good factors to take note of. Any party, as long as we’re with the people we love who we value the most is the best party we could ever have!