The Pros and Cons of Crude Oil

Oil is the lifeblood of modern society. It has been more than a century since the late oil-boom. Old prospectors used to try their luck by traveling far and wide, drilling for oil. Nowadays, with the advent of modern technology, it has become easy to extract millions and millions of barrels of oil from the depths of the earth.

In many countries, big corporations have started exploring and extracting oil from the seas.

It is termed black gold for a reason. The whole economies of several countries depend upon oil industries. New technologies are developing, which can use fossil fuel to do the work which was hardly dreamt of a century back.

It has become such a commonplace that people accept it as a lifestyle and can hardly imagine a world without it. Though there have been countless benefits, still, it has not been without a cost.

Some of the pros and cons of crude oil are:

Advantages of Crude Oil:

1. Oil Energy Is the Basis of All the Other Sources:

A nation’s development is gauged by the amount of oil they have, either through production at home or imports. Nowadays, there are a lot of renewable sources, but these became popular, oil was believed to be an everlasting source. It was the oil-based economy, which provided us with enough resources to explore multiple options. We can get many years of research with ease and if all else fails at least, we have a fallback in the shape of oil. 

2. Oil Energy is Readily Available:

Oil has been around for more than a century. It has given us ample time to develop new technologies based on oil. Though most of the machines that are emerging are electric, still the primary component of many of those are oil-based. Due to the cars that are run by patrols and diesel, oil and its different products can reach areas that are remote and away from civilizations. It means that crude oil has a trickle-down effect, as everybody gets to benefit from this product.

3. It Produces More Energy When Burnt:

If you compare oil to other fuel sources, you will discover that oil has a better burn rate. It means that the fuel is highly efficient. It is the reason that oil is in use most of the industries. Moreover, people prefer diesel and petrol engine over CNG and electric. The petrol engine is highly reliable and consistent.

4. A Reliable Source of Energy:

One thing that makes crude oil fuel more popular is its availability. You can find it anywhere you go. Moreover, every other machine runs on petrol or diesel. The oil is processed to produce different fuels which can be refined to make a similar product. Because it is consistent, consumers tend to trust it more than they do other sources such as natural gas and electricity.

 5. The Oil Boosts Economy:

The oil boom has helped many countries with no apparent source of income turn into an economic hub. Countries such as UAE and Saudi Arabia, comprising of vast areas of deserts, have now become well-developed countries thanks to their oil resources. Wherever there has been a discovery of oil, prosperity has followed.

People get new jobs. The government can provide for the welfare of its citizens. Moreover, jobs not directly connected to the oil industry also see an upward rise. Since people who use oil or its derivatives are also prone to generate income for themselves, so the indirect effect is also quite pronounced. 

 The Cons of Crude Oil

These reimbursements have not come without a cost. Although it seems as if oil as a source of energy has provided us with virtually any type of luxury. However, it has not been without its share of adverse effects. Some of the cons of crude oil are:

1. A Limited Reserve:

We have been using oil without any stop for more than a hundred years. There has been a vast number of digging and drilling going on daily for new sources. There are a lot of sources from which we can get oil, and still have plenty of untapped reserves.

The sad reality is that although we have used them extensively, yet a time will come when the wells will run out of oil. Since we have been so much dependant upon oil, it will be difficult for us to fare without it. Thus it’s high time that we looked for alternate sources.

2. Cause for Pollution:

Oil is considered one of the leading reasons for global warming. The CO2 emission has been over the roof. It is not air pollution that crude oil is responsible for but, land as well as sea pollution.

Each year thousands of barrels of crude oil in spilled in different parts of the world. It results in the not only loss of life, but the whole ecosystem is disturbed as well. Animals, peoples, and crops all suffer because of the oil spills or its release in the different form in our society. 

Due to its use in mostly combustion engine. Machines release carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere. As a result, whenever someone inhales it, it could cause illnesses like allergies, lungs cancer, and skins diseases. One solution is to regulate its flow through cast steel low-pressure check valves to prevent any leakage.

3. Fluctuation in Prices:

The downside to having oil is that the whole economy is dependant on it, so if the rate of oil per barrel rise so does everything else. It can cause problems for nations, especially those that have a developing economy. It becomes challenging to control the prices of other commodities, and soon, the economy can spiral out of hand.


The pros and cons of oil energy depend upon how we use it. If we use it sparsely only for essentials, then it serves us well. Nonetheless, the way we have been exploiting these resources has caused more problems for us than we can handle.

It is high time we explore other venues as well. This way, we will be able to counter the global warming issue as well as be safe from any potential energy crisis as it is entirely possible that one day we will run out of oil.