How to Organize Girl’s Party Like an Expert

Sometimes a girls-only party is the best kind of party to have. This is even more special if you haven’t seen your girlfriends in a while. This gives you a chance to catch up, share stories, and enjoy time together without being in the presence of men. Here are some tips for planning a successful girls-only party.

1 – Come Up With a Plan

 You can’t have a successful party without a plan. This is a good time to think about who you’re going to invite. You should also keep dietary restrictions in mind, including those who are gluten-free, vegan, or vegetarian. You want to make room for such accommodations in your menu.

Then you can think about what you’re going to serve and what you need to make. The key is to have appetizers, desserts, one main course, and a vegetarian option. This may sound overwhelming, but your guests will be willing to eat this food. You also don’t want to leave out the non-food options.

Decor, plates, and utensils should also be included with your plan. You’ll also want to come up with a list of things to do, such as clean, declutter, decorate, food preparation, and repairs. Assign a priority to each task, with one being the highest priority and four being the lowest priority. If you’re able to get through the list, then it won’t ruin the success of your girls only party.

2 – Prepare Your Area 

There are several ways that you’ll need to prepare your home for girls only party. Before your friends arrive, do some things to make your space more inviting. Candles, centerpieces, fresh flowers, and decorations can make a huge impact. You should also do a clean sweep and tidy up the area.

Cleaning our home is one of the most important steps in preparing your space. You should consider which areas of your home where you’ll have your party. Some of these areas will include the basement, bathroom, dining room, kitchen, family room, or living room. You’ll want to pay special attention to these areas, especially if you plan to use them for entertaining and dining.

Remove clutter from furniture in the kitchen or dining area. You should also remove any unnecessary furniture or belongings that take up space. If you’re short on time, then hire professional cleaning services to help out. Your home will look perfect and you’ll have one less thing to worry about.

3 – Stock Up on Essentials

You don’t want to run out of the essentials, especially when it comes to ingredients. Make sure you have all of your spices and any other ingredients that you need. You should also stock up on condiments and paper goods. This is important if you plan to grill for your party.

4 – Don’t Forget the Wine 

When you and your girlfriends get together, you’re going to drink wine. Since you’re the host, you’ll want to have plenty of bottles on hand. You don’t want to skimp on the cheap stuff. Instead, get a few bottles of wine that are bursting with flavor. Invest in the right wine that’s perfect for dining and entertaining.

5 – Offer a Variety of Snacks

Instead of having a heavy meal, you and your girlfriends can snack throughout the night. Have a mix of sweet and salty foods to enjoy. The great thing about snacks is that they’re low-key and require little preparation. No matter which snacks you choose, you should serve it on an attractive dish or platter.

You should also determine how you’ll serve the rest of your food and drink. Do you want your guests to get their own food, such as a buffet or a family style dinner? Since it’s a girls-only party, a buffet style is best. But you’ll want to serve your food in a way that makes it easy for everyone to arrange their plate.

Start by offering utensils for cold foods and salads. Then you’ll want to serve the main course and side dishes. A buffet style is also ideal for serving desserts.

6 – Don’t Forget the Games 

You should have a handful of games on hand to keep you and your girlfriends entertained. Games are perfect for a girls-only party. While some games can seem cheesy, it can be fun with a close group of friends. Throw some current games into the mix such as 5 Second Rule and Cards Against Humanity.

7 – Sit Back & Enjoy

Party planning and hosting can be stressful. It makes it hard to sit back and enjoy the event. The most important thing to do is to enjoy the presence of your girlfriends. Food preparation should be easy that you’ll have more time for your friends. Wait to clean up until after they leave, and enjoy that time with your girlfriends.

You can have a successful girls night out. Just have a plan in mind. Write down everything and handle it one by one. But don’t forget to enjoy this time with your friends. If you’re still stuck, then you can hire Hens Party Entertainment to help you out.