Guide to Choosing a Holiday Cottage in Ireland

If you are looking forward to a break with your family this year, you may want to consider renting a self-catering cottage as your holiday home. Donegal Thatch Cottages could be the right choice for you.

Holiday cottages in Ireland are the perfect gateway to a fantastic holiday experience filled with wonderful heritage, stunning scenery, and a delightfully relaxing environment that’s unique to the ‘Emerald Isle.’ It is a great place to enjoy a break.

There is more to consider when planning the ideal holiday than just choosing your destination and checking the weather. It is equally important to find a perfect place where you’ll stay during your vacation. It’ll make your holiday more enjoyable.

After carefully weighing the accommodation options, you have decided that renting a cottage, as a holiday home in Ireland is the way to go.

Now, when you look around, there are hundreds of options. It is confusing! After all, there are very many potential vacation cottages for rent in Ireland and navigating all the options is difficult.

The decision-making process begins when you start looking at the vacation rental listings in Ireland. Handling the enormous range of options, locations, and amenities is not easy, so it is best to be prepared with a proper plan before you start.

Here is a quick guide to help you to choose the best self-catering cottage for your vacation in Ireland.

  1. Get Recommendations

What could be more trustworthy than getting recommendations from people you know? Once you have chosen your holiday destination, ask around, and see if your friends and family have some suggestions they think would suit you.

Alternatively, visit different sites online and explore reviews and recommendations to get a wider review pool.

  1. Be Specific

You will communicate your needs clearly if you know exactly what you want and do not want in a holiday cottage. Make a list of “have-to-have” items (i.e. a king-size bed, laundry, a TV), “want-to-have” items (i.e. a boat slip, a big yard, a dishwasher), and things to avoid (i.e. an uncovered pool if you’ve young kids or a site on a major road).

If you want to bring a pet, you should know that beforehand. Many cottages accept pets, but some don’t. Once you have prepared a thorough list, you will navigate the list of amenities quickly and easily.

  1. Get Visual

Do not fall in love with the picture of the front of the cottage – examine all the pictures of the property carefully. Ensure that the listing has photos of all the important rooms in a holiday cottage (bedroom,the kitchen, the living room, and the bath)

You will be able to gauge the living arrangements more accurately if you are looking at the space as though you’re standing in it.

Take a closer look at the furniture. Is it in good shape for your needs? Look at the floors. Would you prefer hardwood or carpet? If there is a pool, is it full? Is the property deep in the woods, or on the main street?

Do you see any elements in the pictures that would be unsuitable or unsafe for your family situation? Do some visual investigation, and let the pictures “talk” to you about the unwritten details of the holiday cottage.

  1. Venture Out

Venturing out of the comfort zone may feel exactly that, uncomfortable, but it may help you find the best place to spend your vacation. You need to try something to know you don’t like it.

Therefore, whether you usually prefer a central location and decide to rent a rural cottage, your rental is what you make of it! It could well be worthwhile to try somewhere new this year.

  1. Get informed

Look at the map carefully. Where’s the property in relation to restaurants, supermarkets, general stores, and the places you would like to visit when you are there? How far do you want to be from the city center? How far is the cottage from the shoreline, if you are taking a vacation to enjoy water sports?

Ask to speak to previous visitors to the property. If they feel that something was represented inaccurately, they will tell you. They will share things you would not have determined from the pictures and the list of amenities. They may even tell you the actual drive times to the places you are likely to visit.

  1. Book Early

When you find a perfect holiday cottage, why would you run the risk of losing it! Ensure you book your cottage rental early to avoid disappointments, especially if you are planning to travel at peak times. If you want to get excellent accommodation, then the earlier, the better.

So this year, explore many holiday rental opportunities in Ireland to make your trip unique and interesting. Whether you want a wander around a historic old town, want a relaxing stay by the beach, or to venture into the hustle and bustle of Dublin city, there’s a perfect rental home for everyone.

Book your holiday cottage at Donegal Thatched Cottages now to get the best rates and find a perfect holiday home for you and your family or friends. Call us today to make your reservation.