9 Rules For Safe Vape Use

Vaping, by and large, is a very safe and enjoyable recreational activity to partake in. Like any other activity, however, if you do not take simple precautionary measures or use common sense, then you can become moderately to severely injured while vaping. In the article below we’ll walk you through 9 of the most practical safety tips that you can use in order to stay safe while vaping. Please continue reading in order to ensure that your vaping experience is safe and enjoyable. The tips that we’ll share will keep you safe while vaping for the long haul.

9 Rules For Safe Vape Use:

  1. Be Watchful Over Your Battery– The lithium-ion battery that powers vaping devices poses the greatest risk for injury while vaping. Any time that these batteries are abused either deliberately or unintentionally, they can leak or explode causing severe burns, blindness, and other injuries. The golden rule regarding these batteries is to never abuse them and never let the rate of discharge for your particular vape build exceed the maximum discharge rate of your ion batteries.
  2. Do Not Reuse Your Juice Bottles– People across the internet have complained about not being able to reuse e-juice bottles. For example, if you wash out your e-juice bottle and use it as a hot sauce dispenser, then be sure to never use it again for e-juice. In other words, never use an e-juice bottle for anything but to hold e-juice. Vaping substances not intended to be inhaled can be extremely dangerous for your lungs.
  3. Faulty Vape Chargers– Faulty or damaged vape pen chargers can pose a serious fire hazard to your home. Always keep a close eye on your charger. If you ever notice that the charger has become overly hot, then there is a good chance that it needs to be replaced. Faulty chargers can also cause damage to your lithium-ion batteries, forcing them to explode or leak hazardous or corrosive materials. Always make sure that your vape pen charger is in tip-top shape in order to avoid serious injury.
  4. Don’t Carry Vape Pen Batteries in Your Pocket– Never ever carry vape pen batteries in your pocket, bag, or any other vessel that is close to your body. Lithium batteries are known to overheat and catch fire spontaneously, meaning there is a chance you can get severely burned by holding them close to your body. You should also be extremely cautious not to let babies or toddlers swallow small lithium batteries, as the batteries can cause internal injuries that can be fatal.
  5. Keep Your Body Very Well Hydrated– It is a well-known fact that vaping can leave your body very dehydrated. In order to counteract this, always drink plenty of water and other hydrating fluids if you intend to vape e-juice. This is especially important during the hot summer months when the body is already prone to dehydrating on its own. So, for example, if you typically drink 6 glasses of water without vaping, then try drinking 8 glasses of water during a vaping day. 2 extra glasses of water per day should be adequate enough to counteract the dehydrating effect that vaping has on the body.
  6. Keep Your Vaping Device and E-Juice Somewhere Safe– Always keep all of your vaping supplies and devices out of the reach of children or pets. That includes small lithium-ion batteries used to power the vaping device. Small children or pets can accidentally consume these vaping supplies, leading to grave injury or even death under certain circumstances. Never ever leave these items around your house unsupervised for even seconds. A child or pet can get ahold of these items much more quickly than you would think.
  7. Keep Your Device Away From Extreme Heat– Never leave your vaping pen, charger, lithium-ion batteries, or your e-juice sitting around in extreme heat. For example, do not leave them in a hot car, in front of a window, near a winter heater, or near an electronic device or appliance that emits heat. Only store your vaping supplies in a cool, dry, dark area where you know the temperature will not fluctuate. This will prevent your batteries from catching fire, while also preserving your vaping pen and e-juice.
  8. Ensure Your Vape Pen is Working Properly– If your vaping pen starts to act strangely, then it could be suffering from a mechanical failure of some kind. If your vaping device ever starts to act strangely then it is very important to stop using the device. The best thing you could do is take the device into a shop that services vaping pens and have it looked at by someone that is skilled and knowledgeable enough to identify a problem. Vaping with a faulty device can expose you to extreme danger. When it doubt, always discontinue using your device.  Buy the STLTH vape kit from 180Smoke and never deal with this kind of issues again!
  9. Buy Your E-Juice From Reputable Sources– Never ever purchase vape juice from a black market or otherwise unscrupulous source. To ensure that your vape juice is safe to use you should always buy it from a trustworthy brand and at a trustworthy shop. Buying e-juice from a sketchy source just to save a few dollars is extremely foolish. The e-juice could be contaminated with substances, chemicals, or additives that could make you very ill.
  10. Don’t Buy Used Vaping Supplies– Buying used vaping equipment or supplies is generally frowned upon. It is strongly recommended that you buy new vaping equipment and supplies only. Used equipment is going to be far more prone to malfunctioning or causing injury. Another important aspect to consider is you never know if the vaping supplies have become contaminated by some unhealthy or foreign substance. For example, someone could have smoked something other than e-juice with their device, such as real tobacco, cannabis, or another substance that could have an undesired effect on your body or mental state. Always opt for new supplies and you will stay safe from potential issues.