Airy Abode — Essentials For A Cool and Refreshing Home

Keeping your home naturally cool and fresh, especially in the summer months, can be surprisingly difficult. With the sun beating down and the lack of invigorating breeze to freely roam from room to room it can be tough to relax and enjoy your own space. The most obvious solution would be to crank on the air conditioning. Unfortunately though, the continuing rise in energy prices is making this an extravagance that’s unaffordable for some. Thankfully, there are some small and economical changes you can make at home which will allow you to kick back and relax in your beautiful breezy home this summer without a care in the world.

Whole House Fans

During the summer months, when you leave your house and close all doors/windows, you’ll trap any heat that is harnessed by the roof of your home. There will be little air flow throughout your home while you’re not there, so when you reenter you might find that it’s too warm or stuffy. In the winter, you’ll seal in stale air which is full of pollutants such as allergens, dust and odours. To combat this, a whole house fan is the ideal solution to provide air flow throughout your home to keep it fresher as it helps to circulate the trapped air and replenish it with the air from outside to keep your home fresh all year round.


This may sound super straight forward but keeping your blinds closed can have a huge impact on temperature control. Have you ever happened to find yourself in a greenhouse in the middle of summer? You’ll know for sure if you have because the heat would have been unbearable. It’s the same principal which makes covering your windows crucial to getting one step closer to that dreamy cool home. Up to 30% of unwanted heat comes from your windows so utilising all window dressings to create shade and shadow will prevent the temperature from soaring to those uncomfortable heights. Even lighter coverings such as voile curtains and sheer blinds will make a difference.


Investing in a skylight could make the difference between a never ending sweaty summer or an exhilarating and refreshing few months that you’ll remember forever. A ventilated skylight does exactly as the name suggests- it helps you to maximise your home’s ventilation system. Keeping your skylight open allows all the hot air that rises to the ceiling to escape which prevents it from overstaying its welcome and affecting your indoor climate. There’s a huge range of skylights on the market that add a cool and refreshing vibe to your home including tubular and solar skylights. Researching what’s on offer will help you choose the product that fits your requirements and your aesthetic.

Swap The Sheets

Out with the old and in with the new. There’s nothing worse that getting into bed after a hard day at the office only to find yourself unable to drift off to the land of nod because you’re hot and bothered. Forget the wintery flannel sheets and fleecey blankets they’re only going to add to your summer problems. Try switching to a cotton or cotton blend alternative as they breathe easier and keep you cooler for longer. What could be the perfect addition to the new summer worthy bed sheets? Matching pillows with temperature lowering properties is the answer. Buckwheat pillows have naturally occuring air spaces within the inner material even when they’re packed in pretty pillowcases which don’t hold onto your body heat like conventional pillows.


It’s a common misconception that insulating your home will keep you warm only- insulating your home keeps you warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. An all round positive investment for each month of the year. There’s small DIY projects you can complete at home to help your home retain the cool atmosphere including wrapping your hot water tank and filling in any floor gaps. For those of you with the cash to splash you could invest in new double glazed windows or get the professionals in to fully insulate the wall cavities. Either way, taking any step towards further insulating your home will help to maximise your comfort when the heat starts rising.


Making these small amendments to your home means that you’re already taking a step towards a fresher home this summer. When it’s this easy to ensure that you stay comfortable and cool why not skip the air con and start making some positive changes.