A Guide to Choosing Blinds for Your Home

Blinds and window dressings have a huge impact on the look and feel of your room which is why it’s really important to carefully consider which ones are right for you before you make the big purchase. Whether you want to control the lighting in your room, increase your privacy or just want to find the perfect blinds to match your aesthetic here a guide to choosing blinds for your home.

What’s the purpose?

Thinking carefully about what you want to get from your lounge blinds and curtains is key to choosing the right style for you. Of course they need to add beauty to your room but there are other considerations you need to make too. How much light does your room get? If you currently have darker window coverings you may not realise how much more light your room would see if you switched to a lighter, more opaque blind. What about privacy? If your considering giving your whole house an overhaul then this is something you’ll definitely need to think about when replacing the bathroom blinds. What about the kids? Child safety is a point to mull over because those long dangling cords could cause a problem if you have small children causing mischief at home. Now you’ve thought about functionality you can think about which style will suit your requirements.


Venetian blinds tend to be a really popular choice and work well if you need light control and privacy. The tiltable slats running along the window covering allow you to see out of the window without people being able to see in- this could come in handy if you’ve got nosey neighbours. They’ve also been modernised in recent years meaning there’s more variety when it comes to colour and materials. Timber, aluminium and PVC are the most commonly seen materials and with colours such as smokey grey, crisp white and mocha what’s not to love about the updated classic venetian. Venetian blinds are also cost effective which could be why there such a popular choice. There’s a style and size for all budgets and decors.


The roller blind is an australian favourite and can be seen sprawled across millions of homes Australia wide. With the clean, sleek and modern look that the roller blind provides it’s easy to see why. Probably the most functional and versatile dressing on the market it offers a room privacy, functionality and style at an affordable cost. They are available in almost every colour imaginable with patterns and tailored designs that fit perfectly with your style. With the option to have duel, linked and motorised systems fitted on both roller and venetian blinds, gone are the days of unsightly cords and manual opening. This additional extra is also ideal for homes with children as removing the cord eliminates the risk of any blind related accidents occurring.

Cellular Blinds

Cellular blinds are the new energy efficient alternative to the more classic styles. The exterior looks sleek, modern and has a pleated effect but what’s even more interesting is what’s happening on the interior. They are made up of small cells which form a honeycomb lining. These cells are coated with aluminium which makes them excel at conserving heat- your room will stay cooler in summer and warmer in winter. This energy conserving revolution allows you to sit back and relax without worrying about the next electricity bill coming through the letterbox. When there’s a blind that gives you functionality, energy conservation, light control and looks so contemporary why would you not opt for this cutting edge design.


Considering functionality before choosing style will allow you to get the most from your window coverings. Choosing blinds that conserve energy or provide a child friendly environment doesn’t mean you have to compromise on design or aesthetic. Considering the information above will help you find the beautiful blinds you’ve dreamed of that finish off the look and feel of your home.