Latest Fashion Trends to Follow this Summer

Summer is upon us, and that means summer bodies. If you haven’t got yours yet, or it is not in sight, have no fear. The fashion trends of this summer are forgiving. They give extra room and bright whites to distract the eye. The theme is clean, crisp, and flowers. So take out those dusty sun shades and make room for the summer closet.

Fendi Clothes for the Summer

Fendi clothing is a great example of what’s really hot for spring. If you don’t want to buy a whole new purse, then just purchase a purse strap. The Shoulder Strap You is a flower composition that can make your purse look like it’s from the Summer of Love. You can also purchase a Two Stud Waist Belt and remember that belts can help you make adjustments of size with your wardrobe. White pants are hot, such as the Fendi Logo Waistband Pant. The beautiful crease in the middle and fitting at the bottom make the pant a worthy addition to work wear. A lot of the Fendi items on the Marissa site are on extreme sale, so take advantage of this time to upgrade your summer wardrobe. Usually, Fendi is really expensive, but these sales make the line affordable. For example, the F Logo Leather Thong is just $220 down from $550. Also, if you want a truly incredible deal and can barely afford couture, go for the Floral Knit Jogger that is going for 75% off.

Summer Incredible

Now dipping to the latest fashion trends, look at all the collections on Marissa Collections. Particularly, the Summer Mood collection will give a person an idea of exactly what it in for summer. The handbags seem to follow a yellow and floral theme. Watch out for wasps if you wear them to dinner parties. The Victoria Beckham Quinton On Chain Bag is a vibrant yellow. The embossed calf leather is made in Italy and is perfect for any stroll out. The Camilla Wide Leg Drawstring Waist Pants are especially flouncy. Beware of the wide leg though when walking. The silk is elegant and is perfect for someone that actually wants to look like one is wearing just that. For a real splurge, try the Bayco Small White Ceramic Lotus Earrings. Just don’t lose these gems because at 1 carat of diamonds, you might even cry.

Not Even Tipping the Iceberg

Some of these pieces in the Summer Mood collection just have to be seen to be believed. You will see more lux whites and shoes that look more like works of art. There is nothing boring about summer, and the lingerie outerwear trend appears to be peaking out its head again. Look out for some decent sales in other collections, but nothing is as good as the Fendi discounts. All in all, you will feel best if you get the items that really jump out at you. Don’t just settle for ordinary this summer, if there’s anything this collection has taught us.