5 Trade Show Tips for First-Time Exhibitors

You are excited about participating in a trade shows for the first time, but you also heard stories of new exhibitors messing it up in their first trade show. So you are little nervous.

Don’t worry!  Participating in a trade show seems intimidating in the beginning, but proper planning and flawless execution can help calm your nerves very soon, says an expert at New York Banners, a leading teardrop banner printing company. From setting up your trade show booth to planning your pre-show marketing and training your booth staffers, you are up for a huge task. If you need inspiration and ideas for getting started, read here some trade show tips for first time exhibitors.

1. Start with a goal

Before you attend a trade show or buy teardrop flags, you should know what you are trying to achieve from your participation. If your goal is to enhance your brand reputation, then you should focus more on making visitors aware of your company, what problem you solve and how your solution is better than that of your competitors.

On the other hand, if your goal is lead acquisition, then maybe you can start a contest and offer exciting prizes to the winners. In the process, you can collect their contact details, so that you can contact with them after the show is over.

2. Identify Your Audience

Trade shows attract all kinds of visitors, from vendors, marketers and entrepreneurs to freelancers and executives. Even if they all belong to the same industry, they have different roles and targets. Your job is to identify your target audience.

Trying to target everyone will only dilute your marketing focus, resulting in missed opportunities or lost sales. This process starts before you attend the event, with developing your ideal customer profile. Since it’s your first time, do not forget to focus aggressively on fresh lead generation, and assess the quality of your leads as you interact with them.

3. Get the Right Trade Show Displays

Will the venue be indoors or outdoors? Is it expected to be quite windy? Will you have a stall with lots of space, or a booth with a table? What’s your product branding like? These are some of the questions that will help you decide whether you want to get a horizontal step-and-repeat banner, a backlit banner or a custom flag in NYC. Conduct proper research before you place your order. Ask suppliers about their products, customization options available in their range, and make sure your designs and graphics stand out from the rest of the crowd.

4. Prepare for Logistical Problems

Many first-timers believe that setting up an exhibit is as easy as reaching the venue and plugging the equipment in. The truth is, you should think about the common logistical issues that might crop up at the last minute. For instance, make sure the power outlet is not too far away from your stall and that there is adequate lighting near your space.

Avoid making mistakes, such as, using indoor banner stands in an outdoor location. If you want to advertise outdoors, consider using feather flag banners or teardrop flags.

5. Leverage the Power of Social Media

An active social media presence always gives you an added advantage when it comes to exhibiting at trade shows. Announce the news of your first time participation on your social channels and create a buzz around your trade show booth days in advance.

To drive more traffic to your trade show booth, consider running a contest and giving out goodies.