5 Best Gadgets for Men

Choosing a gift is always an easy task.

Look at the man. Each has its own characteristics that will help determine the choice. Many people like the necessary and useful, functional and practical things. That such a gift can be smart gadgets.

This article discusses the best gifts for men who will be useful to him.



Smartwatches appeared on the market of electronic gadgets relatively recently, but they are getting more and more popular. And there are certainly reasons for this.

The main reason is that a smartwatch for men is a multifunction gadget, in which the watch itself is just one of many different functions. Of course, this is the case when the progress in the field of high technology makes life noticeably easier and more comfortable.

Smartwatches for men will become an assistant in fishing or hunting. They are an electronic wristwatch with an installed operating system and a touch screen. The power comes from the built-in battery, the device is charged in the same way as any other USB-compatible gadget: from the computer, from the network or from the power bank.

Smartwatches for men

Smart watches have a certain set of functions already inside themselves and can be used as an independent device. But most importantly, smart watches allow you to connect via Bluetooth with your smartphone and control the various applications and functions that are on it. That is, in fact, the clock becomes a kind of control panel, and even with feedback. Even if you have never used such a device, you can already imagine how convenient it is.

Smart dumbbells

Any man would like to have a beautiful shape and good muscles. But in life, many of us are sorely lacking in motivation for playing sports. For such a case, different companies have developed smart dumbbells from a series of the smart gym.

This gadget records how many times an exercise was done in each approach, the number of approaches, the total weight raised, the number of calories burned and other parameters. Plus, smart dumbbells are able to offer the owner several dozen sets of exercises, so you can not puzzle over the composition of the sports program.

A smart device can be connected to a smartphone or tablet using Bluetooth technology. You can share in the social network the results of the training. Good motivator! But you can adjust the dumbbells so that they notify your subscribers that you are too lazy and missed the workout.

Gloves with sensors

Smart technology today got to the clothes. First of all, scientists have paid attention to the gloves that you do not want to take off in the winter to get a smartphone. To save humanity from this annoying inconvenience, engineers have developed gloves with a built-in Bluetooth headset. It is enough to put a hand in such a glove to the face and press the button in order to fully talk with the interlocutor.

Invented and more sophisticated devices. For example, GPS ski gloves can determine the speed of a skier, the distance he has covered, orient in space, indicate the height or time of skiing. You need to have a power source with you, which is more than enough for the entire ride.

Gadgets for finding things

Lost your car keys? Everyone knows how this can ruffle and mix plans. With new gadgets to search for things, you can not worry about such events, as they will not only help you find the thing on the sound but also indicate the exact distance to it.

Simple analogs of the gadget react to the whistle with a sound signal. In advanced versions, the search is already conducted through a smartphone or iPhone. For example, the Kensington Proximo model is a whole system of a miniature keyring and a set of labels stuck on frequently lost items. Each label is unique so that a passport or TV remote control will not howl mercilessly if a person is looking for keys to the house. As in other smart gadgets, linking to a smartphone opens up a lot of possibilities, including examining the statistics of places where things were lost.


Although everyone has become accustomed to drones, these unmanned flying pieces will surprise us more than once with their capabilities. They can protect the territory, deliver goods, help in sports, create fancy glowing figures in the night sky and much more. Today you can buy a drone not only for playing or shooting a place but especially for selfies, for reporting and even painting houses at high altitude.


A man such a small helper can be useful for performing various tasks. It can be run while driving, to go around traffic jams while running to maintain a given pace or competition. The drone will not let you get lost while hunting or traveling, it will help you track down the game or make panoramic photos of luxurious natural places. You can use it in business as well: bring food to visitors with it, show advertisements, create spectacular moving pictures, or come up with surprising ways to use your customers.