5 Tips for Designing Outdoor Banners

In an indoor location, for instance, inside a trade show booth, you have full control over what your visitors will see and what you want to keep at the center of their attention. But outdoor advertising is a different ballgame.

Visual distractions are more common in outdoor locations; says an expert at Print Banners, a leading custom double sided flag printing company. That’s exactly why designing your outdoor banners requires a different strategy. Here are some tips on how to design effective outdoor banners or flags.

1. Start with the end in mind

Knowing what you want to achieve with your outdoor banner advertising is the first step. Define your purpose and think of your desired outcomes. If your main purpose is brand promotion, then maybe using double sided feather flags with your company name and brand logo printed on both sides of each flag would suffice. However, if your purpose is to announce a special offer or event, then perhaps all you need is to print a short text message, such as, “Clearance Sale – 30% off!”

2. Make it colorful

If your brand uses certain colors consistently across its all marketing materials, then stick to your brand colors. Otherwise, you can mix and match bold colors with the soft ones to create an eye-catching contrast in your banner design. Another good idea would be to pick colors that match with the theme of your event or program. If you are not sure what colors to use in your outdoor banners or teardrop flags, consider seeking professional help from expert designers.

3. Use relevant images

You know that a picture is worth thousand words. But that doesn’t mean you should force any image to your outdoor banner. Use images only if you find a relevant one. A quick look at the image should help your prospects understand your message, without even reading the text. Also, make sure you are using high quality images that can be enlarged to fit into a large banner. Flag banner printing companies usually use vector images for this job.

4. Consider the arrangement

If your banner includes a company logo, a text message, an image and your contact information, that’s a lot to fit into one banner. Ideally, try to avoid using them all in one banner. But if you insist on keeping them all, at least consider the layout. For instance, you can place the logo at the top right of your banner. Consider printing your main text message at the center of your design, with the image in the background. Your contact information can come at the bottom of the banner in smaller fonts. Custom flag printing companies usually have a team of designers to help you choose the right layout for your banners.

5. Choose the topography right

Different font styles work for different banners. You need to choose one that might work for your target audience. For instance, if you are planning to design a banner for white collar workers, choose bold, formal fonts, such as, Times New Roman and Arial Black. On the other hand, you can use classic or stylish fonts on a flag banner targeting creative professionals, such as, designers and photographers.

Finally, focus on making your banner design cohesive. All elements of your design should complement each other and work toward making the end product stand out the crowd.