How to Prepare for Your Own Funeral

Some deaths come naturally and expected through old age or incurable illnesses, while some come completely as a shock. What does not change, however, is that no matter how prepared you are, it would still hurt the same. Another unchanging factor is that planning a funeral is undoubtedly expensive, time consuming, and of course draining. Imagine planning a whole funeral from step one while you’re in the process of grieving? What a nightmare! It’s a sure fact that you would not want to experience such a hassle when one of your loved ones pass away, but it’s also something you would not want your loved ones to experience when the time comes of your passing. That is why it is advisable to be prepared and beat time by having prepaid funeral plans ready.

What are Prepaid Funeral Plans

You could actual arrange a funeral before your passing and pay for it in advance. When you opt for this type of funeral plan, you would be able to choose everything down from being buried or cremated, up to every last detail as to what the program for your memorial service would be. Meaning to say, when you pass away, you would get the funeral that you would want to have for yourself – or maybe even for a loved one. This also takes away all the hassle of decision making and figuring out for loved ones.

Long-term Savings

With prepaid funeral plans, you could actually beat time by gaining savings on your money. When you choose to get such a plan, you would pay for it now, and not at the time you would need the service. Meaning, you would be able to beat inflation and possible economic downfalls in the future. Funerals are already expensive during this time as you are reading this, imagine how much more they would cost in the next couple of years? So, in a way, when you actually get such a plan, it sort of acts as an investment. This way, you would be able to spend your money on other important matters and not just having to save a portion of it just so you have a funeral fund when you would need it.

Coming In Prepared

You would not only beat time by getting prepaid funeral plans, but you would also be prepared for something that may happen 10, 20, 30 or even 40 years from when you paid for it. The beauty of it is that when you are already able to pay for it in full, you could just simply put it in the back of your mind until the day comes that it would be needed. Another great instance to get a prepaid funeral plan is when you catch a disease that is incurable or has a low chance of recovery. Of course, hoping for the best and recovering from it would be your top priority but at the same time, it is not actually bad to prepare for the worst.

It Is Not Only for You

First of all, it would not only be for you. It would also be for your loved ones as they would not have to think, plan, and decide all the while they are grieving for the loss. There are also instances when loved ones would get so upset during funerals, especially from a loved one who unexpectedly passes away, because they would feel like they did not give the funeral the person would have wanted. Through prepaid funerals, you will give your loved ones the peace of mind that the funeral would have been everything how you wanted it to be.

Another aspect about prepaid funerals is that most funeral arrangement service providers actually allow for you to transfer the owner of the plan when you request for it. This means that you would be able to give the rights to your funeral when a loved one or family member unexpectedly passes away. This is a good way to save up on unexpected funeral expenses when such instances happen. After that, you could again easily get your own prepaid funeral plan again.

The Inevitable

Death is inevitable, yes, but that does not mean that you should leave yourself unprepared for it. A funeral is a way to remember and give honour to the passing of a loved one who became significant in your life. That is why you owe it yourself and to your loved ones who passes away, to give a well-deserved memorial service to celebrate his or her life. It does not have to be everything you, he, or she has always hoped for in a funeral… but at least you’ll have something close.