Nordic Philosophy SISU – How to Find Your Inner Strength

For centuries, the Nordic country of Finland has had its formulation of life philosophy. The cultural construct known as Sisu, which dates back hundreds of years, represents an enigmatic and mystical power that helps people overcome numerous life hardships. Not only that, but Finnish characterize Sisu as a life philosophy that gives them mental strength, stability, courage, and an incredible force of willpower that helps them succumb to any difficulties and face any life challenges. It is no wonder that besides the cold and rigid weather Nordic people lead a calm, serene and balanced life. If you are wondering how to implement this Nordic philosophy into your life and find your inner fortitude, just follow these tips to reach your vigor and mindfulness.

  • Face the obstacles

With the concept of Sisu (“see-soo”) Finnish are ready to teach us how to stay determined and keep on trying no matter what. If you wish to adopt the Sisu lifestyle, you need to start making things happen. Literally. Try to make fewer excuses, instead of doing your best to face any obstacles that may lie in front of you. Sisu can be interpreted as a life-saving concept that will help you keep fighting through obstacles while still maintaining humility and integrity. However, in the beginning, try to focus only on the present moment. For instance, when you are having some difficulties at work or at home, by implementing the Sisu philosophy you will learn never to give up or give in.

  • Identify your inner focus

Since Sisu is seen as a clear pathway to resilience enabling positive focus and response to an adverse situation, by this we can conclude that Sisu acts as a “helping hand” in search for your inner focus. Sometimes that can be achieved by going in nature. Scandinavians are generally physically though and mentally courageous people, therefore going to untamed nature to unwind, find your roots and true “self” is one of the ways to discover your inner abilities. On sites like GearWeAre you can find the appropriate equipment for your adventurous journey. Even if you want to engage in a solo traveling experience, on that site you can search for great fishing and camping equipment which will help make your adventure be mindfully fruitful.

  • Seize the moment

If you want to start with small improvements related to finding your inner strength, the Sisu philosophy suggests integrating it with your everyday routines. Basically, you need to push yourself harder in whatever it is that you are doing, no matter the difficulty and troubles. For example, try running that extra 30 minutes just as you begin to think that you can’t bear much more, or dedicate energy and time to learn a new skill, language or take up a new hobby. It is all up to seizing the moment and using the most of it. You will undoubtedly benefit with this Finish philosophy of Sisu that suggests that you should never give up and always keep going.

  • Be direct

Another aspect that this Nordic philosophy represents is that no matter what comes your way you need to stay strong, hopeful and preserve your inner strength against all odds. With that in mind, you should do your very best to always be direct towards people, be respectful and honest. You cannot change how other people behave or act towards you, but by implementing the Sisu philosophy you can learn how to gratified and honest and not let anything impede your positive state of mind. Thus, try to be a good listener, don’t interrupt the person you are talking to. And above all, always speak the truth.

  • Defy the odds

People who apply this magnificent Nordic philosophy will learn how to confront all odds and how to attain strength that lies deep within you. It’s all about seeing a silver lining amongst the clouds. Just when you have thought that everything might go downhill, some unexpected stimulus, the “second-wind” comes when you have run out of hope, energy, and goodwill. That is Sisu. Sisu is what comes and happens when all other sources of motivation and hope are depleted. Sisu shows that in each of there is simply more mental strength then meets the eye.

Even though Sisu is all about tackling the challenges head-on and allowing you to go through the ascension process, you still need to find a balance. And never give up!

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