Calculate Your Ideal Macronutrient Ratio to Be Healthy

It is a challenge to keep your body in shape and prevent body flab. To stay fit, you cannot expect things to happen overnight. Having a practical strategy and regular routine is important. Normally, people who want to lose weight are only concerned about calorie intake. They try to reduce the intake of calories so that weight does not increase. Using the macronutrient approach works in a better manner. This is because you have a clear breakdown of what you should be eating. The three macro nutrients you need to focus on are carbs, fats and proteins. There are maximum consumption limits of each of these macronutrients for each individual. These limits depend on what the goal of an individual is. Someone who is aiming at reducing 20 kilos have specific macronutrient figures. These figures would be different for someone who is only aiming at maintaining the weight. When you are using calculator to determine macronutrient ratio, you would have to enter your specific details including the weight loss target you have. In an overall manner, macronutrient figures vary from one person to the other.

What are the different macronutrient components?

There are three macronutrient categories. All of them are explained below.

  1. Carbohydrates

In terms of purpose, carbohydrates are responsible for the provision of energy to the human body. They comprise of starch and sugar. The human brain requires energy supply at all times. This energy is provided to the human brain through carbohydrates. This macro nutrient is found in various forms including potatoes, corn and sweet potatoes. Along with that, they are also found in apples, bananas and pears. Carbohydrates are consumed according to the energy requirements that each human has. This does vary from person to person.

  1. Fats

The core function of Fats is development of brain functions. Like carbohydrates, fats are found in various edible options as well. These include almonds, pistachios, fish and grass fed butter. Fats are important to execute core brain functions in a smooth manner. As compared to other macro nutrients, Fats have the highest count for calorie per gram. Thus, the highest time span is required to burn it. These macronutrients help in preventing exhaustion and keeping an individual energetic for a longer span of time.

  1. Proteins

Proteins are used to build the muscle structure in the human body. They are responsible for strengthening the body. Fish is one of the strongest sources of proteins. People who each fish have more muscular strength. Other sources of proteins include egg, cheese, yogurt, beef and pork. Proteins are important for improving the physical mobility of an individual. Professional body builders and fitness experts are always on a high protein diet so that they can retain the finest physical fitness.

The use of an online calculator to calculate macronutrient ratio

If you are serious about losing weight and staying in shape, nothing should be based on assumptions. You should have an exact figure of each macronutrient. Along with that, weight reduction is not the same for each individual. The percentage of each macronutrient varies from one person to the other. Here are the steps which you need to execute for calculating the macronutrient ratio.

  1. Steps of inputs

Three steps of inputs are involved in calculating the macronutrient ratio. For the correct generation of outputs, entering these inputs properly is essential. Let us have a look at each of these steps.

  • In the first step, you need to start by selecting your gender and entering your age. These parameters are important for correct calculation. After that, you need to set your goal. Some of the options in this category include muscle gain, fat loss and maintain. Based on your requirements, you can select one option in this category. The last input of this step is body fat input which is an optional requirement.
  • The second step of inputs comprises of height and weight details. The height has to be entered. Height and weight define the physical structure of a particular body. Entering the correct values of these parameters is very important for accurate outputs.
  • The third step of entering inputs is the final step. In this step, users have to select few key parameters. One of them is the number of meals that you have every day. Some of the options include 3,4 and 5. Most people have 3 meals on daily basis while some of them even have 4 and 5. The next selection is of the sedentary level. This basically highlights the physical activity level that the individual has. For instance, most people who are not related to physical fitness have light physical activity. Similarly, people also have moderate and high physical activity.
  1. Generating and understanding outputs

Once you are done with the inputs, you can focus on understanding the outputs generated by the online macronutrient calculator.

  • The first output would be the calories which have to be burnt at the end of each day. This would be according to the input details entered by the user.
  • The other three outputs are the core macronutrients. You would get the percentage of fats, carbs and proteins which can be consumed each day. These values would be according to the inputs that have been entered by the user.


The use of an online macronutrient calculator is a productive way to lose weight. Simply keeping a track of the calorie count manually is not the best way to deal with things. The use of an online calculator is actually the best way out. To start with, it gives you a clear break down of all three macro nutrients. This helps you in selecting the meals you can have on daily basis in accordance with the set targets.

Reliable online macronutrient calculators are easy to use. You simply need to enter the inputs and the targeted output results would be shown on your screen. There is no need to make a manual calorie chart and keep a track using it.