6 Different Types of Funeral Transport to Consider

The journey to and from a funeral service provides a beautiful opportunity to remember the life and personality of a loved one who has sadly passed away. And, because funeral services rely on transport in order to take guests and the deceased between venues they are an important factor to consider when organising a loved one’s funeral.

It gives family and friends the option to choose a method of transport that they know the deceased would have loved. And, with so many different options to choose from the possibilities are almost endless when it comes to funeral transport. From traditional limousines and motorbikes to a customer horse-drawn carriage you can be sure that there will be a fitting option to choose to remember your loved one. Here are some ideas of the different types of funeral transport that are available for funeral services.

Funeral Limousines

Funeral limousines are a comfortable mode of transport for those wanting a smooth journey to and from their loved one’s funeral service. They are very practical when it comes to transporting large groups of funeral guests and are a comforting mode of transport for those who to wish the grieve the passing of their loved one alongside other family members and friends. Limousines are often reserved for the people that were closest to the deceased and can generally accommodate up to 8 to 10 individuals. A great provider is: www.limofind.com

Horse Drawn Carriages

Horse-drawn carriages (sometimes known a funeral coach) can be one of the most beautiful modes of transport for a funeral service. There a number of stables across the United Kingdom that specialise in providing funeral directors with funeral carriages and the horses to pull them. The majority of funeral directors can arrange horse-drawn carriages, alongside a choice of carriages to personalise the funeral procession, so it matches the personality of the deceased.Some funeral directors also offer a selection of different coloured horses, which gives those organising a funeral with the option to make the service as bespoke as possible.

Traditional Hearses

Traditional hearses are one of the most popular modes of funeral transport in the United Kingdom together with all over the world. A hearse is a funeral vehicle that is designed to carry a coffin or casket to a funeral service. Traditionally, there is only one passenger seat in a hearse which the chauffeur will drive. And, the funeral director will lead the vehicle on foot. Family and friends will then closely follow the hearse and funeral director. This can be in dedicated funeral limousines and cars or their personal vehicles if they choose to drive their own to the funeral service. 

Modern Hearses

A number of well-known car manufacturers design modern funeral hearses. Notable companies include Volvo, Rolls Royce, Jaguar and Mercedes. If you prefer a type of car doesn’t form part of your funeral director’s fleet of vehicles, then they are more than likely able to outsource the preferred mode of transport on your behalf. Your funeral director will be able to discuss these different options and additional costs with you. These costs are typically included in the total cost of your loved one’s funeral. Also, be aware that if you require an additional number of cars for a funeral procession, then these usually cost around £250 upwards but is dependent on the make and model of your desired vehicle. Or your loved one’s wishes if they left some in their will or took out a prepaid funeral plan before they passed away.

Motorcycle Hearses

Motorcycle hearses are a distinctive mode of funeral transport and are popular with motorcycle enthusiasts together with those looking to have an alternative funeral procession. Popular motorcycle hearses come in a range of different styles from a classic style BMW or Triumph to a more iconic manufacturer like a Harley Davidson.

Vintage Lorry Hearses

Vintage lorry hearses are a more unique mode of funeral transport. They are popular amongst those wanting to hold a more bespoke funeral service that includes a more distinctive vehicle to transport the deceased. They are popular in the United States, but also in the United Kingdom amongst those wanting to do something a little different for their loved one if they didn’t leave any funeral requests before they died.