Russian Quotes About Marriage and Love 

Love is like a tree; it grows by itself, takes root deeply into our entire being and often continues to turn green and bloom even on the ruins of our heart. 

Love is when you want to experience all the four seasons. When you want to run with someone from a spring thunderstorm, and in the summer to pick berries and swim in the river. In the autumn together to make jam and seal the windows from the cold. In winter – to help each other to survive the runny nose and long evenings … 

A man always wants to be the first love of a woman. Women are more sensitive to such matters. They would like to be the last love of a man. 

Love is all about traps. When it wants to make itself known – it sets up a big bear trap and shoves you into it. 

Even if love brings depression, loneliness, sadness — it is still worth the price we pay for it. 

It is the right thing to do to marry someone out of love, but to marry a girl just because she is cute, it’s like buying an unnecessary thing at the market just because it seems neat. 

It is always bright, emotional, impressive. With its arrival everything changes – her eyes begin to glow, a joy appears on her face, a sweet smile, there is always a wonderful mood in the heart of a woman you love. Love has many faces and it isn’t afraid to change them There is a place for quiet happiness, bright flashes of passion, a volcanic eruption, and a calm flow of a river. 

The great goal of every human being is to realize love. Love is not in other people, but in ourselves, and we ourselves try to awaken it deep inside. Yet love takes two people, you need someone else to make it come true. The universe makes sense only if we have someone to share our feelings with. 

Love goes on for a long time, it goes through many stages, love does not envy, does not bring pain, knows no pride, it knows no anger, doesn’t seek loneliness, doesn’t cause irritation, it is not evil, it does not rejoice in untruth, it covers everything and has hope in each and every single one of us, yet we are the ones who bring envy, pain, pride, anger, loneliness and evil into it. 

The larger the heart, the more loved ones it contains; the sinner it, the darker it is, the less it is able to contain open itself to people that love it – to the extent that it is limited by love only to itself and it is a sin. To love silver and gold above the closest of people is the worst thing a human being can do. 

If love is in the heart, then it is poured on all the people a person knows, it shows pity, it shows patience for shortcomings and sins of others, it doesn’t condemn others, it prays and helps them to survive and find their way. 

Why should we love thy neighbor so much that we must be ready to sacrifice our lives in order to save them? Because only such level of love doesn’t have any pride or anger in it, and only such love for one’s neighbor brings us closer to the love of God. 

I like to believe that there are two types of people and that love is like a sea, sparkling with the colors of heaven. One person that has a soul sees it and gets happy, they are enchanted to it, they feel the greatness of the whole world. Then they realize what they’ve got themselves into. It is absolutely endless and merciless, and there is no escaping it, they drown in their own feelings. Another person comes to this sea with a jug and, having scooped, tries it out, and the water in the jug is salty and disgusting. “Love is a deception, it is sad and depressing,” says such a person and no never comes to the sea again. 

When you reach the end of your life, the only thing that will have any meaning is the love that you gave and received. On your journey to the next world, the only thing you can take with you is love. The only valuable thing you leave in this world is love. Nothing else. I knew people who easily endured many difficulties in their lives and were happy, but have not yet met a person who could endure life without love. That is why love is the greatest gift in life. It gives life meaning. It is because of it that this life is worth living. 

A love between two people is destroyed when envy comes around, if you cause or suffer damage, if you dishonor or suffer dishonor, and finally, if you get suspicious of the people that you love the most in this world.  

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