Ideas to Stay Cool During Scorching Summer Months

During the hot months of summer, it can be challenging to enjoy yourself and stay cool. By blocking sunlight, you can decrease the temperature of indoors. Try to avoid activities that can raise the temperature of your house. If you are working outside, try to look for shades and choose areas with the natural breeze. Make sure to wear the right clothes for hot months. Here are some other ideas to stay cool inside.

Install an Air Conditioner

If your budget allows you, try to install a good air conditioner in your house. Try to buy advanced energy efficient cooling technology. You can find the best air conditioners in the market with a programmable thermostat. These may be powerful allies for energy efficiency. Before the installation of an AC unit, you have to seal your house properly. Check the door and window frames for sealing and cracks. These areas can invite hot air from the outdoors.

Turn Off Lights in House

Incandescent and LED bulbs produce heat while lighting your house. If you want to keep the temperature down, it is essential to turn off lights when possible. Try to use other sources of light, such as flashlight of a phone.

Decrease the temperature of your house by unplugging unnecessary electronic devices or lamps. Sometimes, electronics may be warm in standby mode because they are drawing electricity from an outlet.

Keep Windows Closed

During the daytime, keep your windows and doors closed. Open windows will invite hot air from outside in your home. Lock all the windows after sunrise to trap cold air in your house. If you notice some air leaking, you can put a towel along the sash to block hot air.

Use curtains or sunshades to block the windows. Choose blackout curtains or use sunshades for windows to avoid hot air. With parasols, you can keep the sunshine away from your house. Awnings can reflect the sun with their shiny backing material. Thick blackout curtains may absorb heat. Feel free to buy them for large windows.

Open Windows at Night

After sunset, you can open the windows of your house and use fans to increase wind at night. Turn on your ceiling fan to circulate air throughout your room. If the night is hot, spritz yourself with chilled water from water bottles and sit in front of a fan before sleeping. It will help you to decrease your body temperature and enjoy a comfortable sleep.

Dehumidifier to Maintain Moisture During Warm Days

Humidity can irritate you in hot weather. To avoid a worse situation, you can buy a dehumidifier for your rooms, such as the bedroom and living room. The dehumidifier can pull moisture from the air and decrease the mugginess of heat.

Dehumidifiers may help you even in the presence of an air conditioning unit. They can remove moisture from the air before its circulation in the air conditioner. It is good to make the procedure efficient. In the absence of dehumidifier, the AC would have to dehumidify and cool the air.

During the hot summer, you can eat cold meals instead of using a grill or microwave. Keep your oven and stove turned off as much as possible to keep your house cool. A Panini press or griddle can be a good choice for cooking. Moreover, a dishwasher can make your home hot in the summer. Try to do dishwashing with hands in summer to avoid the heat.

Summer Activities

You can enjoy indoor activities on a hot day. From 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., the outside temperature may be sweltering. Try to avoid the harsh sun and stay indoors to prevent sunburn. Feel free to try low-cost activities, such as study at a library or walk in a shopping mall. Visit some good restaurants in San Ramon with a friend for lunch, or see your favorite movie.

If you are working outside, try to find places in the shade for rest. Avoid spending 30 to 45 minutes in sunlight during a hot day. Try to use an umbrella or hang out in a tent to refill your energy. During summer holidays, you can plan an outdoor trip to a cooler place, such as dense forests, rivers, valleys, and mountains. It can be a cooling and refreshing experience.