The Most Common Dental Misconceptions

Taking good care of your smile and teeth seems simple at first glass. After all, you just need to brush your teeth and floss every single day, right? This is completely incorrect. You can end up with yellow teeth in so many different ways. When you think that the following really common dental misconceptions are true, there is a pretty high possibility you will end up with numerous health problems.

Cavities Are Always Caused By Sugar

Obviously, this is not a misconception that is completely false. When you drink or eat foods that include many sugars, cavity risks are automatically increased. However, it is not actually the sugar that will cause the appearance of tooth decay. As we eat sugar, it is bacteria inside the mouth that feed on it. Acidic byproducts appear. The combo of acid and bacteria lead to most of the cavities. To get rid of your cavities, be sure to drop by this cosmetic dentistry based in South Barrington for treatment.

You Have To Brush Your Teeth Really Hard

Whenever there is something dirty in your home, you start scrubbing hard. The harder you scrub, the higher the possibility you can clean. Unfortunately, when it comes to teeth, this is not correct. When you brush teeth way too hard, a lot of harm is done. Rough brushing will damage your enamel, will irritate your gums and can cause various other health problems, like increased cavity chances and increased tooth sensitivity.

You Have To Always Rinse After You Brush Your Teeth

Most people from around the world think that this is correct. According to Colorado Healthy Smiles Dentistry, if you really want to clean your teeth, it is better to keep protective fluoride on as long as you can. This means that rinsing should be avoided. Instead of doing this, you want to spit out the excess toothpaste so that fluoride keeps your teeth protected for a longer time frame.

Never Brush Gums When They Are Bleeding

When your gums bleed, you normally think that brushing is a bad idea as this could irritate them. In reality, having bleeding gums is basically a sign that you might be affected by gum disease. What you should do is keep brushing gums and teeth. You just have to be a little gentle. Brushing is really important since it helps remove bacteria. It is also a really good idea that you go to the dentist whenever you notice gum bleeding as you floss or brush.

You Only Have To Visit The Dentist When There Is A Problem

Countless people from all around the world are afraid of the dentist so it is understandable why they never visit one if they do not see oral health problems. What should be known is that the easiest ways to deal with dental problems is to get them treated as soon as possible. When you visit the dentist, he checks your entire mouth. This is important because the dentist can identify early signs of problems like cavities or gum disease. Being treated early means you avoid much more painful and expensive future dental treatments.