5 Ways You Can Use the Web to Fix Communication in a Relationship

Are you having a communications breakdown in your relationship?

What started as an uncontrollable wildfire has dwindled into wet tinder. You go through the motions like robots programmed never to miss a day, but lose each other in the process. It seems that people search for all sorts of reasons to occupy their time these days. And it doesn’t involve communicating, like, at all.

Sound familiar?

Before jumping into all the heavier conclusions, hold your horses!

The problem you’re experiencing may be as simple as a lack of communication. If the regular face-to-face talks don’t seem to be working, let’s see if the web can help fix things.

1. There’s an App for That

For real.

There are apps that can help couples having communication problems. Type “couples’ therapy” on your smartphone, and you’ll get a dozen hits! Some of these apps, such as Couplewise, seem legit and backed by professionals. Relationship therapy apps can help hold you accountable for your actions or inaction.

Couplewise uses “contracts” that you and your partner need to fulfill based on what your relationship needs. Some therapy apps offer 24/7 counseling, 365 days a year. Subscription costs are cheap too; some apps cost less than a cup of coffee a day. Plus, you get to stay home and save on gas!

2. Use Videos

If you’re having trouble communicating with your partner the traditional way, try making a video.

We’re not saying you should make a weird video on YouTube and post it online for the world to see! That would be rather embarrassing. But, if you’re anxious about expressing yourself, taking a video may help.

You don’t even need to be near each other to have a heart to heart talk. With a video call, the perceived distance may also help you communicate better. Distance eliminates some issues when talking in person, such as being shy or conscious.

Just don’t forget to keep everything private!

3. E-Cards

Yes, e-cards are cheesy as hell.

But when you use it at the right moment, they can become pretty cute and unique because nobody else uses it anymore! If you wanted to say something to your significant other after a fight, sending a cheeky e-card may break the ice.

You can use this time on the web to send a bunch of real flowers to go with the e-card. Avoid sending annoying cards or digital flowers, and you’ll be fine.

4. Spice Things Up

If the bed seems like an alien environment because you’re not communicating what you really want, you need help.

And fast.

It could very well be that all your relationship needs are a little sugar and a lot of spice! There are plenty of apps and websites dedicated to adding an extra “oomph” to any relationship. Desire 42 is an app that pits you against your partner.

The app lets you choose from a set of 20,000 dares you can play with your partner. The bigger the dare, the more points you earn. The dares become more erotic as your points get bigger.


5. Hang Out in Virtual Reality

If the real world isn’t working out, take things virtual.

There are plenty of fun and amazing things you and your partner can do in virtual reality. If you’re in a long-distance relationship, you can meet your partner in VR and hang out. Apps like AltSpace help people who are miles apart enjoy doing things together in a virtual world.

You can play a game, watch movies and explore different worlds created all created in virtual reality.

Always Remember

There’s no substitute for honest and open communication. What this means is that both of you have to listen, understand and empathize with one another. Don’t think about basketball or the grocery list when your partner is talking!

You have to be in the moment.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a live video call or face-to-face. You have to connect on a deeper level. If all else fails or if you need someone to mediate, there is always counseling. But that’s a topic for another day.

All the best and good luck!