Add These Keto Friendly Items to Your Shopping List Today

You have decided to start the keto diet, and it is now time to do your keto diet grocery shopping. However, when it comes to planning your keto diet, you need to know the source of the micronutrients you will need in your body so that you’re able to achieve ketosis in the shortest time possible.

Here’s everything you need to know:

Carbohydrate Intake

You will need to eat no more than 30 grams of carbohydrates in a day.  When doing your carbohydrate grocery shopping, do not worry too much about the fiber Content because it will not impact on the ketosis. The benefit of the fiber is that it will be good for your digestion.

Grains and Legumes

These will not make it into your shopping basket because they have very high carbohydrate content.

High-Fat Food

Stock up on healthy fats like animal and grass-fed dairy fat. If you’re a vegan, consider nuts and seeds which are full of healthy fats.

Low Carbohydrate Fruits

Be careful about the fruits you buy, avoid fruits like bananas but stock up on the berries.


The keto diet requires that you eat an adequate amount of protein. However, be careful about certain seafood and processed proteins.


If you enjoy an occasional drink, then this diet is right for you. You are allowed to take Gin, scotch, vodka, and bourbon. You are however not allowed to have any beer, none at all.

Must-Have Items in Your Shopping Basket

We will make your shopping trip easier for you, by highlighting the keto friendly items you need to add to your shopping list.


A keto diet without avocado is lacking.  Avocados contain monosaturated fatty acids that are very beneficial for the heart. The high fiber content will aid in digestion and building of your immunity.

Other fruits to consider are black and blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, tomatoes, lemon, lime among others.

Avoid fruits like bananas, watermelon, oranges, apples, and dried fruits due to the high carbohydrate content.

Dairy Products

Butter is great for the keto diet. Look for butter made from grass-fed cows. Such butter will contain about 80% fat and is very versatile in its usage. Use the butter to add flavor and texture to what you’re frying or baking.

Other dairy products to have in your shopping basket include cheese, sour cream, plain Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, and heavy whipping cream


Coconut oil is a great alternative to butter and can be used by vegans as well. Coconut contains lauric acid which assists in the production of ketones. Include coconut milk, coconut flour, and coconut butter for that added taste and versatility in your cooking.

Coconut flour is great for making pastry, and so you do not have to miss out on your favorite recipes.


This is your chance to eat all the fatty cuts that you have been avoiding all along. Ask your butcher to give you cuts from grass-fed animals.  The reason why you should get the fatty cuts is that it will substitute the carbohydrates you are not taking.

So go ahead, go crazy on your meat shopping, buy t-bone, chicken thighs, sardines, salmon, ground beef among others.

Seeds and Nuts

Buy seeds and nuts like chestnuts, flaxseed, sesame seeds, walnuts, and almonds just to name a few. You will get fiber, vitamins, antioxidants, and fats in your diet. If you can, get some peanut butter or almond butter to give you more variety in what you can eat.


The key here is to buy low carbohydrate high nutrient vegetables.  Look for dark leafy vegetables for example kales or spinach or the ones in the cruciferous family like cauliflower, zucchini, and cucumber among others.

Olive oil

Olive oil will give you monosaturated fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamin E.  Use it to prepare meals, or as a salad dressing, look for pure, cold pressed virgin olive oil.


Eggs have both proteins and fats, and you have the option of tweaking recipes as much as you want to give you versatility.


During the keto diet, you may want to avoid things like white sugar, brown sugar, honey, maple syrup to name a few. Consider buying sweeteners like stevia powder, monk fruit or mannitol.


The best thing about the keto diet is that other than the carbohydrates the other foods remain the same. So, if you like to add flavor through the use of spices, then continue to do so with your keto meals.  You can use spices like cilantro, cayenne, parsley, cumin, nutmeg, salt and pepper among others.

Look for fresh herbs and spices and mix them up and your kitchen. If you are buying processed spices, check that they do not have any additives like sugar.


If you are that person who enjoys having ketchup in all their meals, look for the sugar-free kind. Condiments you can continue to use include, mustard weather yellow or brown, soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, sugar-free dressing among others. Also, use lemon or lime juice to give your food that extra flavor.

Baking Aids

You can continue to bake your favorite recipes but, you may need to substitute plain flour with coconut or almond flour.  Avoid wheat flour, cornstarch, white flour and some gluten-free flour like tapioca and whole cassava flour.


You may need to give your body a boost by including supplements in the diet plan. Supplements you can buy include collagen peptides, exogenous ketones, and MCT oils.

Final Word

The biggest challenge for most people when they are going on a diet is that the meals tend to become very bland.  The keto diet is therefore great because you are allowed to continue to eat most of your favorite meals.

By adding these Keto friendly Items to Your Shopping List Today, You will be able to avoid the dieting mistakes that many people make.   Now go ahead, whip out the recipe book and start your keto diet.

Good luck!