Top 14 Great Sites to Learn Video Editing and Production

A great video speaks of a million words. It takes so much effort in order to produce a captivating video that will make the audience buy the idea or believe the concepts presented in it. Producing and editing a video is a big thing.

Watching a video can be likened to reading an essay or a novel. The target is for the reader to continually read the written material and eventually finish it. The same is true with videos, the end goal is for the viewer to keep on watching until the last second drops. When the viewer finished the video up to the last minute, then video production is a success story for it was able to sustain the viewer’s interest.

The graphics quality and the enticing content matter in video production. The skills in producing a video, particularly the editing, require much effort because the details of this endeavor need to be learned and mastered. Fortunately, there are great sites on the web that provide tutorials and helpful materials on how to produce and edit video successfully.

But before learning the skill and venturing into the field of video production, there is a need to know and become familiar with the important components in coming up with a high-end product. Here are the bits and pieces of video production that offer different services in video editing.

What is Video Editing and Video Production?

Video production is like producing a film because one needs to undergo the three stages which include pre-production, production, and post-production. It’s just that filmmaking has a bigger scope compared to video production. So if a person wants to pursue a filmmaking career, video production can be the stepping stone towards this journey.

A great video is a product of a good script, proper scheduling, and other administrative tasks which are part and parcel of the pre-production. When these are all satisfied, production can already begin where capturing of images and videos happen. Video editing is part of video production which involves combining video clips to present something or to create a story. In this stage, the contents are carefully selected. Then, post-production will be possible only when the editing of video contents is finished, hence, ready for video ripping – converting your editable video file into a single video masterpiece.

The smallest details about this industry must first be taken into consideration in order to produce high-quality videos. Having learned what video editing and production is, you are now ready to be on board for more video editing and production tips. Below are the 14 great sites which will make you learn how to produce a hit video in history. These are the video editing services that a person can avail online. Try and learn from them.


This website is from Linkedin. They have the following categories: Software Development, Design, Business, Web Development, and Photography. Each category has around 700 courses which you can choose from. The wide collection of courses are made available by expert teachers and are in their library.

There is a month of free trial and the succeeding months will be paid for $29.99 each while the manual subscription has also a month of free trial and payment of only $24.99 each year is required. If you want to be a digital marketer or illustrator, a web developer, or a graphic designer, then visit this site and it will help you to become one.


Vimeo Video School provides tutorials, pieces of advice, and lessons which are coming from their bloggers. There are also 360 videos which will help you master the shoot, design after effects animation, and other video editing and production techniques. This site allows you to learn video editing and production offline and with that, you can take video editing anywhere.

They offer three modes of payment which are Plus Plan with 5GB/week for $7/month, Pro Plan with 20GB/week for $20/month, and the Business Plan for $50/month which has no limits.


If you want to learn the basics of video production, learn from this interesting site. It will even teach you how to make a video script in few steps. This site is continually being upgraded and so the subscribers get to have the latest trends and tips in video production. There are 95 people working on the website to make it more helpful to the subscribers. The Pro Plan costs $99 and it has space for videos that you need to upload.


The main character in this website is Ryan Connolly. If you are already a pro in video editing and production, then this is the next level which you can turn to. It has a good number of videos that will allow you to take them to the next level. This is actually a YouTube channel which enables everyone to learn from the expert. Witness how video production happens in YouTube through Film Riot.


This site provides courses which are free for non-members and are made available only to Videomaker members. There are the courses being offered in this site like Basic Shooting, Basic Video editing, Videographers’ guide, and Camera Controls plus Settings. It also provides courses where you can learn the audio techniques and more video editing styles.

You will find more exciting topics like Do It Yourself Video Equipment, DVD Authoring and Design, and other basic training tips. Get Videomaker for only $27 and you get money back guaranteed. They also provide one year support and updates which makes the buyer getting a licensed application. Training guides will also be provided in order to make it user-friendly.


SkillShare is a good platform to access 26 thousand classes where you can learn different skills. This website offers a wide array of skills which a person can learn to make him/her be at par than the others. One of the featured skills here is video production. This site provides a category which is Photo and Film and this specializes in the different aspects that will enhance one’s skills in the three stages of video production.


This website provides an array of tutorial on how to make a video which is worth of 5-star ratings. Creative Cow is an avenue for video producers around the world to collaborate and learn from each other. This is actually a support community that makes video production a shared responsibility among producers.


The tagline of Ripple Training is ‘We help you create better videos.” This website is true to what it says. It will really train you to become a professional video editor. Amateur ones can try this site for it offers live training and help support that makes it more of a personalized one. There are also tutorial video productions that will make you get more techniques and learn more complex skills in order to produce great output.  Some of their tutorials include Final Cut Pro and DaVinci Resolve.

This side will also unleash the creative side in you especially if you want to take movie making your future career. The success stories compiled on the website inspire the newbies in producing videos to aim higher in their craft.


Rocketstock is perfect in customizing your next video project. This is a very powerful statement coming from this site which attracts video producers to take a look at the products they offer. They offer element packs starting from  $99. Availing these packs will allow you to have videos which look good and of premium quality that goes with great sound effects.

Their packs are accompanied by video tutorials that will surely be of great help for both neophyte and experts in video production.


What is something good in this website is the assessment part? This is actually a technology learning platform that allows you to take video production seriously. In here, you get to upgrade yourself by availing the courses and taking the assessment test. The site has around 7000 courses with different topics. In addition, it allows the editor to get certifications which they can eventually use in the video production industry. This website gives you a clearer path as to where you are led in your video production career.


If a person wants to know the inside and out of video editing and production, he/she must look for Inside The Edit website. This site is really aiming to help the video producers learn the skills and not just rely on the creative video production software available in the market. The approach of this site is to engage you and make you experience the ‘real thing’ in making quality outputs.

For only $50 a month you get to subscribe to Inside The Edit and have the skill to produce creative videos.


Skeleton will help you achieve your personal and company goals through videos. The editors will help you deliver results by creating videos which will inspire, engage, and make your clienteles act. Their services start from helping you plan for the best strategy which you can use in attracting more customers. All the planned strategies will then be translated into effective videos. Skeleton takes the production stage as a critical phase because this will determine how will people respond to their product. Their service is open for quotation which is tailored to your budget and needs. The services of Skeleton includes case study videos, promotional videos, animation, corporate communications and recruitment, and training videos.


This website offers a number of categories which aim to improve the video production skills. The important feature of this website is the opportunity for video producers around the globe to share their piece of cake in the field. It also provides an avenue for discussion and reviews which are sure of great help to beginners and masters. It also features audio and motion categories and other utilities as well.


If you want to edit in a smarter way, the name is Larry Jordan. This website will help you in solving your problems in video editing and it provides you with solutions that work. Larry Jordan’s Free Resource Library gives you a collection of tutorial that will help you develop your craft as a video producer. Larry Jordan is a very famous person in the field of video production because his website provides training that is well-known around the globe. Their training is popular for they provide very accurate, most complete, and very practical video tutorial.

The website also provides free webinars every Thursday that is really attracting video editors worldwide. The articles on the website are also good materials to hone video editing skills. And the good thing is that this website provides Free Weekly Newsletter to the members. This is such a comprehensive website and it gets you to know who Larry is.

Those are the 14 great sites that will help you in your journey as video editor and producer. Producing and editing videos is really a big deal and the quality of your videos rely on your hand. In order to enhance further your skill or learn something new, visit these amazing sites for videos of superb quality.