6 Tips for Planning an Awesome Wedding on a Budget

When you have a wedding coming up, the expenses can seem overwhelming. At the same time, not all of us can afford to have a highly expensive wedding, nor should we get in debt for this purpose.

While a simple wedding is commendable, there are ways to plan a memorable and awesome wedding while staying within budget. Excited about your big day but think it can’t be arranged like the wedding of your dreams?

It’s actually possible if you check out these tips.

Make the Budget

It might be a bit awkward to talk about the budget, but it must be done. Everyone who’s paying for this wedding should have a sit-down talk about how much they’re contributing and for what. This will be excellent practice for talking openly with your to-be spouse and future in-laws.

In addition to seeing how much money you have, this task will also help decide the areas where you’re spending it. You don’t want the unpleasant surprise of finding out that your future spouse blew the money for your wedding dress on his bachelor party! Registering at Honeyfund might also come in handy here, so place it on the agenda.

Think What’s Indispensable

There are always some aspects to a wedding that aren’t that important, while others are an absolute must, such as his and her wedding rings. Decide upon the must-haves with your significant other and make sure not to worry about the rest.

Consider the Backyard

If you’re not seeing a wedding hall or a large ground in your budget, see if the backyard would do! If you or your in-laws don’t have one, look around in your social circle and ask for the biggest one of the lot. They might even give it to you for free, so you’ll be able to focus your money on the decorations, refreshments, convertible bridesmaid dresses.

Limit Guests

The best way to cut the cost of a wedding is to reduce the number of people in attendance. Many folks might make a hue and cry over not being invited, but the final decision is yours. Tell everyone that it’s an intimate affair, or have a small reception after a well-attended ceremony.

Ask For The Loved Ones’ Skills as Gifts

Everyone has some talented friends or family members who can give you the gift of their skill. Instead of receiving more of wedding china, why not ask a close cousin to contribute in hiring a wedding stylist so you can expect your big day to be just perfect and that too at a discount?

You can also ask for other favors such as finger foods from someone who has a home business in this field. Event management services, entertainment, and other aspects of your wedding could all come together without costing you much.

Make sure you don’t impose these requests on anyone as these people are probably using their skills because they want to help you in your wedding preparations.

Observe The Timing

When on a budget, you have to consider some shortcuts. For instance, plan the reception at a time when some hors d’oeuvres would do instead of a proper meal.

According to the day you choose, the cost of your dream wedding venue might also come at a discount. Saturday is the most popular day for weddings, but giving that up and booking the wedding venue on a weekday can save you some big bucks.

Making The Most Of Your Budgeted Wedding

Planning a wedding on a budget is an excellent step, as you don’t have to worry about money right from the beginning. Staying focused on the tips here will help you start this new chapter free of debt, and with loads of memories to enjoy!