6 Reasons Why You Should Smoke Rocky Patel Cigars

Rocky Patel cigars are synonymous with greatness in the stogie world. They boast over 100 cigar lines and upwards of 30 different tobacco blends. If there ever were a cigar brand that tripped over itself to be on top, it would be Rocky Patel.

Rocky Patel is a brand we love to hate. It is so polished and mature yet so in your face about how great it is. This is probably because it is a relatively new company that climbed right up the ladder to be one of the most revered brands seemingly without notice of all the brands it passed by.

We love Rocky Patel cigars and here is why.

1.    Always Meticulously Crafted

Rocky Patel Cigars maintain high standards of craftsmanship. The construction is always solid and the draw is excellent despite the fact that they are handmade. You will be hard pressed to find a Rocky Patel cigar that is sloppy, veiny or draw-challenged.

2.    Exquisite Blends

Rocky Patel, the owner of Rocky Patel cigars spent five years in Honduras learning the intricate ways of cigar farming, curing, and rolling. To this day, Rocky Patel stops at nothing to invent the new and exciting blends featured in his cigars. For instance, the RP Decade Cigar blend was 10-years in the making while the RC 15thAnniversary has farms dedicated to its brand and blend.

3.    Top Ratings

To say Rocky Patels are among the top most celebrated brands is an understatement. The Rocky Patel brand established itself as a force to reckon with in tobacco blends as well as taste and value. Cigars like Rocky Patel Royale, 15thAnniversary, RC Sun Grown Torpedo, RC Sun Grown Lancero, Edge Habano, RC Special Edition, and RC Sun Grown Maduro rake in ratings in the 90 percentiles. A good number other Rocky Patel cigar rate above 80 percent.

4.    Rocky Patel Cigars Age Perfectly

The process of aging a cigar is extremely delicate. But it’s worth it because there are flavors and nuances that only come out as a result of perfect aging. Every cigar is different and while some evolve so much more from aging, others are not worth the trouble. Rocky Patel cigars take very well to aging. If you provide the right environment, a Rocky Patel can age for years in your humidor. And on that special occasion you decide to smoke your Vintage 1992 Toro, it will be captivating smoking experience worth every minute.

5.    Prices

From what we have discussed, you can probably deduce that Rocky Patels are not cheap smokes. But every inveterate knows a good stogie must cost a tad more than mass market cigars. And sure, there are expensive Rocky Patels like the Fifty Toro Limited Edition that goes for $400 a box of 20. These you can have on special occasions. But there are also $4 Rocky Patels like the Catch 22 Rothschild Connecticut and the Cameroon Especial Torpedo. $5 decadent Rocky Patels include RC Edge Missile Torpedo Maduro and RC Sun Grown Robusto.

6.    Gift Sets

Rocky Patel gave a whole deal of thought to making his cigars the perfect gift to award, say a new father. With his ingenious “It’s a Girl” and “It’s a Boy” cigar gift sets, you can never go wrong. Also, these cigars are so delicious, you can turn them into an everyday smoke, baby or no baby.

Rocky Patel is definitely a brand that should be in your regular cigar rotation. If you have not tried one yet, you are missing out on a sublime stogie experience.


Author Bio:

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