The Different Fake Hair Pieces You Should Have on Your Dresser

Fake hair is high fashion right now. A collection of different hair pieces can empower you and flatter you. From bleach blonde waves to kinky black curls; you can have it all, as long as you have the right choice of extensions and wigs.

Here’s a small guide to help you choose the right kind of faux hair –

  1. Clip-in extensions

Patience is a virtue, especially for those, who want to try weaves. If you are not too big on waiting, you should try clip-on extensions to increase hair length and volume. It is popular among women with short hair, but you can try clip-on hair extensions if you have thin hair. The most natural looking extensions call for real human hair and an expert stylist, who can customize it. For a fully new shape and look, you should try S10 pieces. However, that can cost you as much as a new haircut. Getting the color and texture right while buying online can be tricky. You need complete guides to purchase extensions that are worth the money. Extensions cost significantly lesser than the lace frontal wigs of similar hair quality, density, and length. Clip-in extensions are popular among youngsters and experienced alike. Due to the low maintenance demand and the lack of an extended commitment period, this type of extension is perfect for the fickle fashionista.

  1. Tape-in extensions

Tape-in extensions are your best mate when you want long-lasting length. They have sticky panels on top of every piece that keep the extensionslonger than the conventional clip-ins. However, you will need the help of an expert stylist to get the tape-in extensions in place. They typically work each section individually, by “sandwich”-ing one section of your hair between the two sticky panels. They are not as hard as the bonded extensions, and they keep the hair reusable. Depending on the stylist you pick and the quality of the extensions, the prices may vary between $50 and $100 per section. These tape-ins last about a month. You should be very careful while washing and drying your hair. Learn the tips of maintenance from your stylist before you are ready to rock tape-in extensions.

  • Sew-in weave

It is the traditional weave that women have sported since times immemorial. Sew-in weaves are only for those with immense patience and time. You can always switch up your look by experimenting with the length, volume, texture, and color of your hair with minimal care. However, you need a trustworthy and expert stylist to help sew the tracks onto the braids of real hair. The stylist typically leaves sections of your own hair in the back, sides, and front. It gives you the option of wearing your hair up in chic updos. The process usually takes between two and five hours, depending on the manageability and volume of one’s hair. However, you can easily sport it for up to three months. That is the primary reason women love sew-in weaves. If you are tired of the chemical treatments to relax the kinks or coloring your hair to add some spice to your daily look, you should try 100% human hair sew-in weaves. Always check for virgin human hair or Remy hair while shopping for sew-in extensions online.

If you have the budget, always go for virgin human hair in place of synthetic hair. The former remains free from tangles and dreadlocks for longer than chemically treated hair.