7 Divination Arts That Can Help You With Your Life Problems

There are times in everybody’s life when they feel helpless. Many a time, we seek help from the extraterrestrials. These methods of predicting future or seeking answers from the unknown are referred to as Divination Arts. One can seek an answer to complex problems from their friends and family. But when one finds these solutions unsatisfactory, they can obviously reach out to the unknown. Here are 7 divination arts that can help you seek answers to your life problems when everything seems against you:

  1. Scrying

We all have read about the snow-white and her wicked step-mother and how her mother used a magical mirror to seek answers to her questions. This method isn’t depicted just in fairy tales. The art of predicting future and entering the realm unknown, by using a reflective surface, either water or a mirror, is known as scrying. The most common is lunar scrying. You can do it yourself, with a little patience and practice. Take a dark bowl and a pitcher full of water. Place your bowl on a plane, leveled surface under the moonlight. Pour water into the bowl and start observing the shadows and reflections of the objects in the water. Note down, what it makes you feel. The mountains, the moon, the sky, the clouds, the stars, or the ripples would trigger a memory or a thought in your mind. Just focus on your free-flowing thoughts about the shadows and forget about everything else. It is very likely that your unconscious would guide you through the problems you are facing consciously.

  1. Ouija Board

Another commonly exploited divination method is an ouija board. Also known as a spirit board, it is used to contact the spirits or the dead. The board has alphabets and a few common answers such as yes, no, or maybe. Many of you must have played this game with your friends during your slumber party or night out. A coin is placed over the board and spirits are summoned. Once the spirit begins to communicate with you through a mediator, you can begin with your questions and the spirit would answer by moving the coin. You can find methods to use the ouija board on the internet. It is advised, though, to not to practice this art on your own. You should seek help from a professional for the sake of your own safety.

  1. Tarot Cards

The most popular and easy to use method amongst all is tarot cards. A deck of 78 cards is used to make intuition based predictions by the psychics. This method has been in practice for hundreds of years now. Although there is no proof of any scientific implications of this method, still this method has proved to be true for many. Stan Millhouse from Psychic2Tarot.com says that it is easy to become upset if a psychic tells you something that you don’t want to hear, but they want you to be prepared for what’s to come in your life. It is wise to not to expect any results before getting a psychic reading. This could affect your results and also your state of mind. It is best to stay neutral and ask simple questions whenever seeking help from a psychic.

  1. Tasseography

The Chinese have developed a very unique method of divination. The tasseography, which is the divination by reading tea leaves pattern in a bowl, originally began in China and was introduced to the European provinces around the medieval ages. A psychic uses tea leaves to make tea in specialized cups for divination purposes. It is noteworthy that the leaves used are somewhat bigger in size and no strainer is used. The tea is then either consumed or poured away. The psychic would then shake the remaining contents of the cup and drain away any remaining liquid in the saucer. Predictions would be made by observing the shapes and patterns formed. Where these shapes are formed in the cup is also important.

  1. Osteomancy or Pyro-Osteomancy

Osteomancy is the divination carried out using bones of the dead animals or birds, or in some cases, human bones. In many parts of the world, this art is still practiced by pagan religions and some non-catholic followers. The predictions are made either by observing the bones for cracks and patterns or sometimes these bones are burned to get shapes, cracks, and visuals in the flame.

  1. Lithomancy

The method of making predictions using stones or the light reflected by these stones is known as lithomancy. Sometimes these stones are linked to the planets or sometimes different aspects of life. This method is most popular in British isles. In the modern lithomancy practice, thirteen stones are tossed into the air and predictions are made by observing the pattern in which these stones fall and arrange themselves.

  1. The Celtic Tree Alphabet: Ogham

Ogham is referred to the alphabet that is named after a tree. Each alphabet represents a tree and associated features of the tree. These alphabets have been used to write old Irish. In modern times stones or sticks inscribed with these alphabets are used for divination purposes. A psychic tosses these stones in the air and observes the pattern they arrange themselves after falling. Another method to make predictions could be similar to that of reading tarot cards. A psychic may ask you to draw three stones or the sticks that he may have jumbled to randomize. The order in which these Celtics are drawn may then be used to make predictions. Much like the Norse runes and the tarot cards, there are no scientific implications that may prove the authenticity of this method. This is again an intuition based method.

Whenever you go for divination, to seek answers to your problems, you should trust the reader and the art. The moment you doubt the method or the reader, your predictions will not prove to be satisfactory. It is always beneficial to stay calm and ask neutral questions without implying any predicament. As long as you trust the reader and the method, these predictions will definitely prove to be helpful.