Niacin Flush Detox Method – How Does It Work?

Random drug tests are increasingly required in many workplaces. There are companies that will even make you sign a contract agreeing to drug testing before you join.

This article is not advocating drug use, however, if you’re in a pinch and need to pass a drug test, Niacin has been known to help pass a drug test. Niacin is known for detoxification or flushing harmful drugs out of your system.

In this article, we will discuss what niacin can do and how it can help you pass a urine drug test.

What is Niacin?

Niacin is a compound that’s naturally found in the body. You might be familiar with its other name—Vitamin B3. Niacin helps to metabolize and process carbohydrates which in turn helps with detoxification and to flush drugs out of your system.

Niacin pills are commonly used by people with high levels of cholesterol, or where the body is not producing enough levels of niacin on its own. Niacin has been shown to decrease risks of cardiovascular disease, boost one’s brain function, and ease problems with arthritis.

Not only that, but niacin can also help to improve the health of your eyes, hair, and skin.

The Side Effects of Niacin Pills

Many pills come with side effects. Niacin is no different. To limit risks of side effects, the recommended daily dose is limited to 2000mg.

If you cross the daily dose you might find yourself with the following side effects:

  • Skin reddening
  • Skin flushing
  • Burning or itching sensation
  • Skin lesions or hives
  • Diarrhea
  • Swelling

Consult with your doctor before taking any niacian and to discuss side effects and what can be done to avoid them.

How Does Niacin Work?

Since niacin is a vitamin naturally created in your body, the main reason for taking additional pills is to flush out harmful toxins in your body.

As it breaks down the fat in your body, the toxins are released into your bloodstream. Thus, it creates a flushing sensation that may feel like you’re getting a sunburn.

In addition to urinating the toxins out of your system, you can speed the process with heavy exercise or sweating it out in a sauna. Of course, it all depends upon the time you have available.

Remember, if you don’t get the toxins out, they can be reabsorbed by your body! So, drink plenty of water, urinate, and sweat them out.

The Niacin Flush Method

Many claim that a niacin flush method is the best way to remove traces of metabolites from the body.

The method works by improving how your body breaks down fats, and acting directly on where metabolites are normally deposited. And the process works even if it’s a short time since the use of any drugs.

However, niacin pills, taken in large quantities, can pose a serious risk to one’s liver and overall health. Its effect varies, depending upon height, weight, or metabolism rate.

Any niacin flush should be done over a period of time. It could take you 2-5 days to get the best results. Before attempting this method, be sure to consult your doctor first.

The Cleansing Routine

It starts by taking a 500mg niacin pill and drink plenty of water right after you wake up. Try to have only a light breakfast as fatty foods can reduce the effectiveness of niacin very easily.

You can have a caffeinated drink or water right after the meal. The key is to urinate as much as possible before the drug test. You can also drink fruit juices or sports drinks as well. However, you cannot drink alcohol at all.

Maintain a routine of taking niacin pills every 5 or 6 hours with lots of water before meals. Remember to take at least two pills on the day of the drug test. Drink lots of water and keep urinating.

Follow the routine until the drug test and you should pass be able to pass it with ease.

When Taking Niacin Pills

When taking niacin pills you need to be careful as to not overdose or over-hydrate. Here are some steps to neutralize the effects of niacin:

  1. A 5-hour interval of taking the pills can help to prevent an overdose.
  2. Drinking liquid is very crucial. At least 2 or more glasses with every pill.
  3. Refrain from taking any drugs or alcohol during the cleansing.
  4. Prep light meals throughout the day and avoid eating fatty foods.
  5. Take at least two pills on the day of the test and drink plenty of water.
  6. In the case of urine diluting, take a vitamin B12 pill. It can help with it.
  7. Lastly, niacin pills can help you pass a urine drug test. Other drug tests won’t be affected by the niacin intake.

Consult a doctor before you attempt this routine. If not, you could seriously risk your health.


It’s important to note that while many claim niacin flushes have helped to pass drug tests, others have claimed that it didn’t work at all. There could be various reasons why it didn’t work.


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