The Four Hardest Casino Games to Master

Deciding which casino game to try can be a tricky decision. Do you pick the one with the lowest house odds or the one that’s easiest to master? As technology has advanced, we have been provided with more opportunities to play our favourite casino games, no matter the time of day nor your location. Of course to each game, there is also the element of luck, but for some, more skill is needed.

Here we will guide you through the most popular casino games and how hard they are to master.


It’s a simple game to understand in its basic format; the aim is to finish with a higher total than the dealer, without exceeding 21 and with no more than five cards. Although simple in principle, it is a hard game to master due to the amount of luck required.

Blackjack isn’t impossible to master though, assuming you get can learn the right technique. If you can learn to count cards, it will help swing the advantage in your favour. Casinos try to reduce players’ ability to count cards and if you’re caught, although it’s not illegal, you’re likely to be banned from the casino.

If you can master blackjack and pair it with knowing when to split your cards, you could give the house a good beating at the blackjack table. Why not try it out for yourself here –


Roulette is a classic in casinos and is hard to master, purely for the sheer number of possibilities you can choose from. You can bet on numbers 1-36 as well as odd or even and red or black, but to some extent, this helps the bettor. Giving you the option of odd or even and red or black gives bettors better odds of winning, even if the returns aren’t so lucrative.

Betting on individual numbers will provide good returns, but requires an awful lot of luck, just ask Sean Connery, who won over $27,000 in 1963 after betting on the number 17 multiple times and it eventually coming up three times in a row.


While roulette has a lot of bets, craps has even more. It starts off fairly simple but gets more and more complicated as the game progresses. Players bet on the outcome of the roll of a pair of dice and the player rolling the dice, known as the shooter, must hit the back wall of the table with both dice for the roll to count.

With the number of bets involved and understanding all of the lingo used by regular craps players, it’s no wonder it is one of the hardest casino games to understand let alone master.

It’s not just the number of selections that makes craps tricky to master but also the sheer pace of the game. The pace makes it hard for players to think carefully about the decisions they’re making, so if you’re a quick thinker, this game might be worth a shot.


Much like blackjack, there are just two sides to baccarat: the banker and the player. Unlike blackjack however, it is possible to bet on either, as well as betting on a tie, although this is not considered a sensible idea, as there is a high casino advantage in such a move.

Cards from two to nine count as their value, royal cards and tens count as zero and aces count as one. The player and the banker are each given two cards and have to draw a third card if their total is less than five. When you add up the values, you only take the last number of the total. For example, if your cards add up to 17 and the banker’s add up to 14, then yours will count as seven, and the banker’s as four. The person with a value closest to nine wins.

Mastering this game is difficult due to the high level of luck involved, but it’s not impossible and betting on the banker will generally see positive results over the long term.