The Top 10 Health and Wellness Trends for 2019

Supposing that the most common resolution of the modern human being is “I’ll start to live healthier this year”, here are some fresh tips for your New Year’s wellness resolution.

Constructive Self –care

A constructive self-care starts with simplifying your life and cultivating patience. A healthy mind and body relationship and mindfulness are essential for the start of your new wellness project. However, it’s not just another thing on your to-do list, it’s a lifestyle and it starts with self-love and acceptance.

Mindfulness Beats Modern Diseases

Stress, anxiety, panic. These 3 words are so overused, and you would probably pass any new tip on how to free yourself from these conditions. However, if they are triggered anytime you try to embrace new habits of healthy rituals, things need to change.

We all naturally possess the ability to be fully present. Mindfulness is increasing the awareness of your reactions and emotions. Practice.

CBD – the Magical Potion for a Healthy Mind and Body

CBD is the abbreviation for cannabidiol, the non-psychoactive component of the plant Cannabis sativa (marijuana).

CBD oil has a direct impact on your metabolism. It plays a role in breaking down fat and in increasing the production of proteins involved in creating new fat cells within the body. It also increases the body power to burn calories.

A few drops from the CBD oil will chase away all the stress and anxiety. It’s proven to be an anti-inflammatory medicine, a pain reliever and it also helps to fight other conditions

Collagen, the Fountain of Youth

Collagen is a protein that is found in the human body. It’s the connective tissue found in most body parts; like tendons, ligaments, muscles, skin etc. Taking extra collagen as a supplement is great for your gut, skin, hair and joint health.

The easiest and most effective way to take your daily dose of extra collagen is through supplements. Collagen gummies are flavorsome and easy-to-digest collagen supplements. Moreover, they are a great way to give your body what it needs. It’s marine collagen, so they are vegan-friendly.


Collagen is produced less and less with each passing year. Moreover, this is the reason why we form wrinkles. Collagen supplements help in the strengthening of the skin, hair, and nails.

Probiotics for a Healthier Gut

We can say that the essential thing for good health is having a healthy gut. It all starts in the gut!

Probiotic supplements and food rich with probiotics will help you regulate your digestion. It will speed up your metabolism, thus making you feel lighter and energized. The healthy food you are consuming is efficient only when it’s properly digested. Have acne or extra body fat? A sickness? Heal it by healing your gut.

The probiotic provides good bacteria for your better health!


Yoga is so much more than just a body exercise. It’s learning how to read your body’s signals as they speak to your mind. Yoga has awesome benefits for an overall physical, psychological and spiritual experience. It’s discovering yourself thoroughly through a physical experience.

Holistic Healing

People are going back to their roots.Holistic healing emphasizes the healing power of nature’s products. Modern medicine is slowly turning back toward its holistic beginnings.Rather than focusing on a specific condition or an illness, holistic healing addresses all parts of the individual and their life.

“…the part can never be well unless the whole is well.” – Socrates

It’s the Year of Lady Parts’ Freedom

A cultural wake-up call comes from a powerful femininebody-inclusivity movement. It’s all about women embracing all their body parts as natural as they are. As a result, more and more women are joining the “making waxing optional” trend this year.

It’s about raising awareness for lady parts’ health by paying attention to the quality of women’s care products. The public acknowledgment that women also have body hair gives them the freedom to choose to do what they want.

It’s the year of the big bush.

The old-new Offline Trend

“Staying in is the new going out” has been a trend for a while, well it’s not anymore.

There is no such power as the power of a habit, no matter how  good or bad it is. Make new healthier habits instead  scrolling and clicking with your finger. It’s time to go offline, get yourself outdoors, make new friends, laugh. Live! It’s a back-to-basics trend for a chance to get back to what made you fall in love with wellness in the first place.

Body Positivity

It seems that the body positivity movement has become even bigger this year! People, especially women, are encouraging each other to love their bodies! They motivate each other to embrace their unique beauty and not to measure themselves with the beauty standards social media imposes.

However, if you’re determined to lose weight or live a healthier life within the confines of a diet, we must recommend you to take a look at keto. First and foremost because it’s one of the diets that offers many health benefits. Second, because it’s easier to be on keto than another régime available at the moment, if you’re looking for a diet that will not require from you to starve and limit your delicious food options, here’s a keto guide that can give you detailed information.

Need a cup of motivation? Join them and start appreciating your body.