What Symptoms to Expect Each Week of Your Third Trimester

Week 25: This is the time where your bump is going to be the biggest. From the normal size, your uterus would have expanded to the size of a soccer ball. The upward expansion of the uterus would be somewhere between your breasts and the belly button and it is still growing longer and wider. You might also be experiencing numb and tingly fingers which are called carpal tunnel syndrome. Just like other symptoms of pregnancy, this also goes off once you deliver the baby.

Week 27: You might be starting to feel a little assertive as you have lived around with certain restrictions for quite  some time now. Hence it is important to understand that you are not just living your last 6 months and the next 4 months being like this just for you, but also for the little one who is growing inside you. This way of setting limits will help you in the future as a mother as well since you will be expecting less and give more outside to the world and this is the reasons why moms are always sweet.

Week 29: Your breasts might start to leak yellow thin fluids called colostrum which is the precursor to breast milk. This fluid contains a lot of antibodies which is useful for the baby while he or she is out by protecting from a lot of illness. If the flow is too much then you might want to put a nursing pad inside your bra while you go out. Using a breast pump at this stage is not advised by many best pediatricians in Chennai or any other city.

Week 31: Hip and lower back pain will start to tag along during this period. Your expanding uterus is putting pressure on the nerves which run along the lower back near your buttocks and hip area. There will also be chronic tingling and numbness along the path called sciatica. This symptom like any other will not affect you too much and would eventually go off after labor.

Week 33: Pre-labor symptoms are very common during this period. Not all contractions mean that you are going to experience labour. In fact, this is the period where you might be desperate to deliver. All these contractions are warm up by your body which helps it to prepare for pregnancy. Drink a lot of water, this can help you ease the contractions. Walking will help you loosen the stiffness.

Week 36: Your belly might feel lighter comparatively. This is called dropping and is caused as your baby settles into the lower part of the pelvis and is getting ready to move out. This is also the period when your breast will start to feel a little heavy as your milk glands are expanding.

Week 40: It is due for pregnancy. You might experience labor within this week or the next. Your labour pain will be sharp and active and the intense pain will start radiating through your stomach to your upper thighs. Most of the time this pain will be unbearable and might easily indicate that you are experiencing labour.