Phenocal Review – Does This Supplement Really Burn Fat?

Introduction to Health and Weight Loss

Staying at a healthy weight is crucial for maintaining good health. Being overweight or obese puts you in a category of people who are at very high risk of having heart problems, diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney disease, and cancer. Losing weight will drastically reduce your chances of contracting these and other illnesses.

It takes a lot of willpower and discipline to lose weight and keep it off over a sustained period of time. You have to exercise regularly and restrict your food intake, and you have to make these healthy habits into a lifestyle. It’s difficult, and you may have wondered already if there’s an easier way to go about the entire process. And there is – weight-loss supplements.

The market is absolutely flooded with weight loss pills, all claiming to be the miracle solution to weight loss. As a consumer, it can be difficult to sort through all the information to find the right supplement for you. It’s always best to choose a supplement which uses natural ingredients. There are some great products available, and the most popular is a supplement called Phenocal.

You can lose weight quickly with Phenocal, because it both supresses your appetite and takes away your cravings for sugar and other carbohydrates. It initiates fat burning in your body. It contains no stimulants, but it provides you with an abundance of energy.

About Phenocal

Phenocal is one of the most effective diet pills available on the market today. They have a special blend of ingredients that work synergically to turn your body into a natural fat-burning machine. In addition, Phenocal is an appetite suppressant that also takes away your sugar and carb cravings. It speeds up your metabolism, so you’ll lose weight more quickly.

Phenocal is not meant to be a substitute for diet and exercise. You must continue to follow a healthy diet and keep active. Phenocal also gives you a tremendous amount of energy, so it should be much easier to get to the gym and work out.

One key point is that the manufacturers are not intending to diagnose, treat, or cure anyone medically by recommending this product. You must always check with your doctor before starting a new supplement. In addition, you should report any medical symptoms to your doctor right away.

Phenocal – How does this supplement work?

According to many of the Phenocal reviews, this is an excellent product that really works. There is a diverse list of ingredients, for different purposes. Chromium stops you from craving carbs, for example, and cocoa extract suppresses your appetite. Other substances are natural fat burners, like green tea extract. It contains catechins, which easily burn fat. Ingredients like Fucoxanthin speed up your metabolism, making your weight loss go much faster.

Clinically proven ingredients that work?

Phenocal contains a number of ingredients which work together to burn fat, speed up the metabolism, and reduce your appetite and cravings. Some of the key Phenocal ingredients are:

5-HTP: This neurotransmitter has been used to treat adults with obesity. 5-HTP is the chemical precursor to Serotonin. This brain chemical is responsible for mood. when your mood lifts, you’re less likely to eat when you’re not hungry. Naturally this will help you lose weight.

Cocoa Extract: Cocoa contains polyphenols, which help you lose weight by stopping carbs and fats from being processed by the body. It’s also known to be an appetite suppressant, preventing you from doing the kind of snacking that will interfere with your weight loss.

Green Tea ExtractA 2009 research study has shown that green tea extract helps burn fat, if it goes along with exercise. Although the amount of fat lost was moderate, it was almost all visceral fat. This is the fat you want to attack for long-term weight-loss.

Hoodia Gordonii: A plant which is known to assist in weight loss by suppressing the appetite. It helps you stop snacking and overeating.

Fucoxanthin: A substance often found in seaweed. It encourages weight loss by increasing your body temperature and accelerating your metabolism.

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Phenocal: Advantages and Disadvantages

If you want the best tips for quick weight loss you can get, purchase Phenocal, eat a healthy, low-fat diet, and exercise at least three times a week. Phenocal has some fantastic advantages as a weight-loss supplement. It uses only natural ingredients, so it doesn’t have the health risks some other weight loss pills have. It suppresses your appetite, so you don’t even feel like overeating. It also stops you from craving sugar and other carbohydrates. Phenocal is also a natural fat-burner. Finally, this supplement will give you a lot of energy, but it contains no stimulants.

Every supplement has some disadvantages. In the case of Phenocal, it’s not suitable for people who have a history of heart problems.

Phenocal: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

* Who makes Phenocal?

Phenocal is manufactured by a company called Pharmaxa Labs, which was founded in 2007 in Oldsmar, Florida. They develop and manufacture health and beauty products, along with the advisement of nutritionists and medical experts. They use a proprietary blend of ingredients in their supplements.

* How do I take Phenocal?

The manufacturer recommends that you take these supplements twice a day. Ideally, take three capsules about 20 minutes before breakfast. Then take three more a few hours later, about 20 minutes before you have lunch.

* How much does Phenocal cost?

Bottle of Phenocal, the ‘starter pack’ costs $39.85. There’s a Total Body Balance System including Phenocalwhich sells for $97.77. The ‘Extreme Value’ package is a set of three bottles for $119.62. The ‘Preferred Package’ is a set of five bottles of Phenocal for the price of $199.36.

* Does Phenocal have a money-back guarantee?

There’s a 60-day money back guarantee on Phenocal. If you’re unhappy with the product for any reason, you can ask for your money back at any time within 60 days from the day you bought the supplements.

Bottom Line

Phenocal is an all-natural weight-loss supplement which burns fat naturally, speeds up your metabolism, and suppresses your appetite. It also provides you with a tremendous extra burst of energy. This product was very well-received by customers, who mostly said the supplement really helped them to lose weight and made them very energetic.

This product is known in the market as an excellent alterative to weight-loss aids that do not use all-natural ingredients. These capsules have far less in the way of side effects than those brands, although they could be problematic for individuals who have a heart condition.

Maintaining good health is not just about burning fat. Keeping up a healthy lifestyle of exercise and eating right is also crucial. Phenocal should go along with making positive food choices and exercising. If you follow this formula, then this supplement should help you lose weight.

Naturally you should also do your own personal research, to make sure you understand this product thoroughly before you begin taking it. In addition, check with your doctor before starting this, or any other new supplement.

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