7 Midday Exercises You Can do on Your Lunch Break

A lot of us have busy lives, especially if we have families at home. We get up, get ready, go to work. When we get home, we have chores, cooking, cleaning, bills, family time and if we are lucky, we can catch 15 minutes of a book or television before nodding off at night. For those of us with busy lives, a lunch break workout is a perfect time to get your fitness goals in!

For many people at work, bringing with them portable gym equipment like barbells and a jump rope is not an option. We are stuck in a job where we have restrictions on our opportunities.  If that is you, this article is for you! We have broken this down into three sections of two exercises each to get a quick, full workout in during lunch, with enough time to eat and hydrate after!

Warm Up Superset

First, we need to get the blood flowing. After a few quick stretches at the desk to get ready, we start with two warm-up exercises. Ideally, you want to move from one exercise to the next without breaking stride. This may take a few days to practice.

1. Crawl Out

The Crawl Out is an upper body warm-up that both gets the blood flowing, is low impact but also works most of the upper body and core. First, you squat with your legs slightly outside your shoulders and lower into a sumo squat. Next, put your hands down flat and crawl forward until you are in a plank position, and end with a pull-up and reverse the steps. This is a simple starter for the first 30 seconds, try to get at least five sets in, preferably more as the purpose is to be fast to get the blood flowing.

2. Grass Grabber

Next is another cardio and leg combo called the Grass Grabber. While still in the same feet apart stance from your Crawl Out, lower into a sumo squat once again, and touch the ground with one hand. Next, leap up simulating a lower body jumping jack bringing the feet together. Finally, repeat opening your legs while dropping to sump squat and touch with your other hand. The goal should be to move from crawl out to Grass Grabber without pause and do this for 30 seconds.

At first, one round of warm-up may be enough. Eventually,  you want to shoot for 3-5 repetitions before moving to the Supersets with only a minute or two for a break.

Superset Round 2

Here we get into the prime of the workout where you will feel some burn.

3. Yoga Push-Up

If you have ever done yoga, you know it is not as easy as it looks and can be quite intense. The Yoga Push-Up or Chaturanga is one of the more intense beginner exercises. You will exercise your chest, back, shoulders, biceps, triceps, forearms, core, and even legs when done correctly.  Start in a high plank position and shift your weight, raising your butt into a triangle shape. Make sure your head is in line with your heels with the heel and head raised facing out. Next, move your upper body downward and swoop your body down almost touching the ground then thrusting your chest forward while pushing your hips into a downward dog position. Try for at least ten repetitions in a minute, but you can do as many as 30 in a minute with practice.

4. Get Up Jump Lunge

Get up Jump Lunge is an excellent midway exercise, it is a bit lighter on the muscles but gets the heart going again.For the Get Up Jump Lunge, Start by lying on the ground arms extended over your head. Swing forward and up to a standing position landing on your feet then immediately into a lunge position. Next, Jump and switch with a lunge to the other leg, then jump to legs back to center. Finally, move down to a squat and lower back to a laying down position and repeat. Try to finish at least ten sets of this, and you are good to go.

5. Core Finisher

The core finish is where you take your last bit of time and energy and finish off with a core burner. Core training keeps fat burning going long after your workout ends and a strong core is essential for any quality workout.

6. Single Leg Bicycle

The single leg bicycle is a simple exercise that can get you burning toward the end solidly strengthening the core. For a Single leg bicycle, you begin by lying on the ground in a sit-up position with hands locked behind your neck. Extend the legs out, so they are straight with your feet about a foot off the ground. Next, lift your shoulders, fully engaging your abs. Twist your torso to bring your left elbow to right knee meeting in the middle. Do this 30 times then switch to right elbow to left knee 30 more times trying for one repetition per second.

7. Plank

Finally, everyone’s favorite is the plank. There are several ways of planking. Experts suggest to mix it up every time to keep a little variety. Here we will explain the standard plank. Begin with a push-up position and shift your weight to one arm and twist your body into a sideways position and reach your free arm into the air. Hold this form for 30 seconds, then switch. Try for two or three sets of the plank on each side, and you are all finished!

So there you have it. You should be able to get this all done in under 20 minutes if you keep your breaks between at 30 seconds. You are now left with 10 minutes to eat after even if you are on a tight clock 30-minute lunch!

Remember this is only a starter, to maintain progress, try switching up one or two of the exercises each week with new ones and try to increase speed along with the reps to make sure you stay within your time. Good luck and enjoy your rapid pace lunchtime workout. The beauty of this is, whether indoors or out, in your office or a tight area, almost any business has enough room for these exercises with no equipment needed!


Author Bio:

As an athlete, coach, parent, and sport psychology consultant with over 20 years experience in youth sports, I created BaxterSports camps to continue my work and provide a great environment for athletes to learn and grow in all aspects of life.