5 Ways to Turn Your Next Hike into an Adventure

Hiking is a fantastic way to enjoy the great outdoors for the benefit of your health and wellbeing. Spending time outside can help relieve stress, increase your energy levels and improve your mood but don’t just take it from us, doctors in Scotland can now prescribe nature to patients to help treat various illnesses and health issues including heart disease, mental illness and diabetes. Going hiking already has so many positives and with our 5 tips below you can easily transform any hike into a real adventure.

1) Go with Friends

Walking the trails alone can be great but sharing the experience with friends gives hiking a whole new dynamic. Any hike can become an exciting adventure when you’re with your friends. The best things about hiking are that anyone can go, it doesn’t cost anything and there are a variety of trail options to suit any fitness level so there is bound to be a great route nearby that suits the whole group. The hiking experience can be enhanced and you’re far more likely to explore new areas when you are with your friends. Going on adventures with friends will leave you with memories that last a lifetime. If your friends aren’t too interested in going hiking, don’t worry! There are also hiking clubs that you can join if you’re looking to meet like-minded people and hike areas you haven’t hiked before.

2) Take Your Pet with You

Pets are fantastic hiking companions, with their enthusiasm and interest in exploring they can turn any hike into a true adventure. People are always taking their dogs with them for hikes, but what if you’re a cat owner? You may have never heard of taking your pet cat on a hike with you but trust me, cats are the most underrated hiking companion. Taking your cat hiking can be the ultimate adventure for you both. If your feline is confident, happy to walk with a harness and leash and grabs new experiences with all four paws then this is an opportunity you should not miss. Of course, there are a few important things to keep in mind and a little training is necessary to ensure you both have a safe and enjoyable time. For this information and more on hiking with your cat check out this article from Tuxedo Cat.

3) Go Somewhere New

Hiking is an experience, it’s about exploring and appreciating nature. Trail options are countless, it can become dull walking the same trails over and over again so for an adventure mix things up and find other routes to try. There really is no reason to walk the same trail twice! A quick online search or a flick through a map book can help you to identify new trails in the same area or entirely new areas to hike in. Adventures are all about taking the path less traveled so don’t be afraid to go somewhere new for your next hike. There is so much out there to be discovered and enjoyed, don’t limit yourself.

4) Photograph the Experience

There’s no doubt that photography and hiking go hand in hand. You can use your hiking trip as an opportunity to brush up on your photography skills. Outdoor photography can be challenging so you’ll be improving your skill as you learn how to take better photos and how to capture the moment exactly as you envision it the more you practice. When you hike with your camera you’ll find yourself noticing more beauty and detail than ever before. You’ll be looking at things in a slightly different way that enhances the adventure you are on. Photography is an amazing way to take time to reflect, document your journey and immortalize the moments you love. You will find yourself seeing the landscape in different ways and photography allows you to capture the view. Afterwards, you will have a selection of photographs to remember your hike and you can share these moments with others too.

5) Geocaching

Who doesn’t love a treasure hunt? Geocaching is an outdoor adventure that requires you to navigate to cleverly hidden waterproof containers. It’s a global game and there are millions of geocaches hidden across the globe waiting to be discovered. Within the geocache there will be a log book to sign and there may be some items that you can trade (if you take an item be sure to leave one of equal or greater value for the next treasure hunter). There’s many online sites and apps available so finding a nearby geocache is easy. This is a way of turning a hike on its head and making it into an exciting adventure. It’s a way to see the world, get outdoors and experience new places. Best of all, everyone can get involved and all you need to get going is a set of coordinates.

We understand that not all trails are the same but don’t worry, you don’t need to be in a mountain range to have an amazing hiking experience. There are so many ways you can transform a hike into an adventure; whether you want to go with a companion, be that your beloved cat or a group of friends, learn new skills or turn it into a fun and exciting game. These are just a few of many adventure ideas and they don’t cost anything either. Adventures are about who you are with and what you are doing so take these opportunities to create a more adventurous experience. Enjoy the benefits of the great outdoors and above all else, have fun.